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Julien Doré announces the death of his mother on Mother’s Day

It is with a moving message that Julien Doré announced the death of his mother. On Mother’s Day, the singer wanted to lift the veil on part of his intimacy by evoking the memory of “mom”, in the caption of a photo where we can see her, radiant, with a baby Julien Doré and hilarious.

“The world doesn’t quite look the same without its mom. Without it almost everything fades, fades, melts, ”he wrote, without giving any information on the date of his death. Always very discreet about his private life, Julien Doré had however revealed, at the time of the release of his latest album, Aimeethat it was also the first name of his grandmother and his mother.

“It is my grandmother’s first name and during the confinement, I could no longer go to see her. It is also my mother’s. I made a generational loop, I started from my construction until today, to go towards that of tomorrow”, he had confided to Gala at the time.

To advance

However, Julien Doré says he intends to move forward, at all costs. “The son that I remain, goes on stage in the evening, without being able to scream that no, however, the world does not have quite the same face without his mother”, he wrote, before concluding, in the form of advice to his fans: “Hurry up to live well, to swallow time, everything goes away, always, one day, even moms”.

A message that apparently moved his many admirers and friends, who responded to him with a concert of messages of support. “Tenderness and prayer”, posted Hélène Ségara, while the association Les Blouses Roses, which helps people hospitalized and in nursing homes, added: “Les Blouses Roses think very strongly of you”.

Source: 20minutes

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