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Actor Alain Delon is still for euthanasia

Actor Alain Delon is still for euthanasia

Actor Alain Delon is still for euthanasia

As he feels the end is approaching, Alain Delon does not change one iota: he is still for euthanasia. The legendary actor recovered quite well from a stroke in 2019, but he thinks about death every day. And he already knows that he will not hesitate to ask those close to him to put an end to his suffering, if necessary.

“I especially want to have peace. I’m not afraid to die. It’s normal, we all go there. But I’m afraid of suffering. I don’t want to end up in a bed in the hospital,” he told the Sunday newspaperindicating that his son Anthony has promised to help him “leave when the time is right”.

alive and well

Because Alain Delon is still very much alive. “Physically I feel pretty good, even though I’m tired and walking with a cane,” he added. His days? He “enjoys nature, the calm of rest” at home, in Douchy, in the Loiret. But even under these ideal conditions for an 86-year-old man who is recovering from serious health problems, he is not happy. “I find that life has become unbearable, it does not make me want much anymore,” concludes the Cheetah.

A situation all the more unbearable for him as he has lost all his loved ones. “All my friends left, Jean-Paul (Belmondo) last year. Romy (Schneider), Mireille (Darc), Nathalie (Delon), all the women in my life have also left, ”he said. There remains Brigitte Bardot, one of her last friends from the golden age of cinema. “We are very good friends. We often talk, a bit like two old idiots who talk about what they have known and gone through! (…) We also talk about the day when I will no longer be there. I tell her that I hope she leaves before me so that I can give a eulogy in the church. She replies, “I hope it’s you first!” »

Source: 20minutes

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