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Squeezie’s latest video with Jonathan Cohen Mister V racks up over 4.7 million views in 3 days

In parallel with the release of his new series The torch, which aired on Monday, Jonathan Cohen also appeared with Mister V in a Squeezie video that has already racked up more than 4.7 million views since its release on Sunday. In this new concept called “Who’s the impostor”, the trio must find who is the odd one out of three people claiming to be a cook, a k-pop fan or an imitator.

To successfully find this impostor, Mister V, Squeezie and Jonathan Cohen interview and test the contestants on their alleged abilities. Additional difficulty: the usurper also happens to be close to one of the three participants in the video each time. In this case, the latter must therefore do everything so that his impostor is not unmasked, while pretending to always lead the investigation.

A unique trio

The various attempts at deception and diversion by Mister V, Squeezie, Jonathan Cohen and the various candidates thus lead to a variety of funny and improbable moments. On social networks, many spectators said they appreciated the concept, especially since the trio had never been reunited on the occasion of a YouTube video.

Jonathan Cohen and Mister V had nevertheless already appeared separately in other videos of the first French youtubeur, respectively in “Try not to laugh, IRL edition” and in “Don’t wake up the baby 2”. Squeezie had for his part joined the two actors on the set of Torch a few months ago to make an appearance there.

Source: 20minutes

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