EntertainmentLeslie Shaw opens her heart and narrates hard moments:...

Leslie Shaw opens her heart and narrates hard moments: “Many people took off their true mask, they betrayed me”


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When Leslie Shaw she felt that Sony Music Latin limited her freedoms, she made the drastic decision to disassociate herself from the American record company that represented her and become independent. Now, with “Poderes”, her most recent musical proposal, she chooses to disassociate herself from the urban, to return to pop rock, to her roots, to a genre that “makes me happy and keeps me alive”.

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I feel like I needed to reconnect with myself and the music I listen to. I am really one hundred percent happy with what I am doing. ‘Poderes’ represents for me a very spiritual rebirth as a woman, artist and composer”, asserts the national singer-songwriter.

—When you ventured into the urban genre, you commented that you did it to be able to enter the radio with force and because you were not going to be able to live with rock. What led you now to return to this genre?

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I’m sorry I lost inspiration. I have made many songs during the pandemic, but I reached a point where I consumed a lot of pop rock in my personal life, I started writing and I let myself go, and now I have a manager who does not impose anything on me that I myself sought, who is very comfortable with how I’m developing as a songwriter. I showed her some demos, she found it very funny, she loved it. The stage of doing things to please others is over.

—Do you mean the stage with Sony Music?

That’s how it is. It was a stage that helped me experience new sounds, it opened many doors for me, but I’ve already grown up and now I want to do whatever provokes me, that’s why I resigned from the label I was on, I left many things behind to be happy and not worry about numbers or money. No one has told me it’s going to be easy, but I’m betting on me.

—Was it difficult to make the decision to leave a record company as important as Sony Music?

Of course, there were plans and a much longer contract; But if I don’t do what I want now, when am I going to do it? I think it’s time now that I feel complete as an artist, songwriter and producer. In the pandemic many projects were stopped, I simply wanted to make music and find a new sound for myself, without listening to recommendations from people who do not know what I consume, who do not know me. I wanted to just stop and start again. Who knows if later I can reach an agreement with another label that respects my ideas, my vision. my music and that she is really committed to me; but at that moment I want to do what I want, the genre that provokes me and not be guided by what is playing now, I just want to do what makes me happy.

—Are you thinking of making urban music again?

I have several songs in that genre that are there, that if they provoke me I will release them. That’s the cool thing about being an independent artist. I want to release songs much more often than before, and now it’s much cooler because I don’t have to ask anyone’s permission. I run my rigs, I have my crew, and everyone just says, “Yeah, Leslie.”

—Was there a moment of breakdown that led you to make the decision to leave everything that did not make you happy?

I felt alone, many people took off their true mask, they betrayed me, they promised me things that they didn’t keep. There are also delays, the pandemic stopped many things and I didn’t want to stop. The worst thing for an artist is to wait for a miracle to happen.

—The video for “Poderes” was filmed in Miami with an entirely Peruvian team. How was the production recording process?

I had done “No olvido” with Ignacio Ugarteche and Sabrina Franco, who are Peruvian audiovisual friends who are also looking for opportunities in Miami. Chino Miranda joined them. We were like four or five days in Miami. We are a small team, but each one performs very well in his role and it was perfect. It was recorded in a single day, at a friend of mine’s restaurant. We started recording at 10 at night and finished at three in the morning.

—Is it true that you are preparing a cumbia with a Uruguayan group?

During the pandemic I have been working with Colombian, Argentine, Uruguayan producers…, each producer has a very marked style influenced by the culture of their country. I’m not going to be stupid to say that I won’t do this or that, because I want to learn, collaborate and make myself known in other parts of the world. If I have to go to China to shoot a video clip, I will.

—You have collaborations with Legarda, Mau and Ricky, Gente de Zona, with Thalía. What other collaboration are you pursuing?

I would love to do a pop ballad with Ricky Martin, I love it. I would also like to do something with Bad Bunny, it’s difficult, but you can’t set limits. With Mon Laferte suddenly. There are many.

—In “Powers” ​​you show your most vulnerable side lived in a pandemic. What was the hardest thing you faced at that stage?

Being in another country without being able to do concerts, far from my family made me feel very sad, on top of that many friends turned their backs on me.

—What is the gift that has allowed you to achieve your dreams, the one you mention in your song?

I have several. I am very sensitive and I believe that by being sensitive I can inspire people, I also have the gift of knowing how to listen, advise, transmit a message and move hearts.

—In 2011 you represented Peru in Viña del Mar, in 2019 you participated in the opening ceremony of the Pan American Games with Luis Fonsi and a year later you won the Heat Award for Best Artist of the South Region. What do you consider the most important achievement of your career?

Being on MTV Latin America, also in Viña and in a Hollywood movie (“Death Race 2050”). There are many things that I am proud of, in Peru I have an incredible team and a very good show. Now that I opened for Fonsi in Lima, I was afraid that my music would not turn out well because I hadn’t played for a long time, but I have a team here in Peru that has nothing to envy to professionals from abroad.

—In this new meeting with Luis Fonsi, did you talk about the possibility of recording a song together?

I sent him a couple of demos a while ago, but I didn’t insist on him anymore in the middle of the pandemic because we didn’t know what was going to happen. We talked for a little while backstage, we were talking for a while in the dressing room.

Do you have plans to act again?

If the opportunity presented itself, a super cool role, I would do it.

—Did love with El Prefe arise during the recordings of “Sola y soltera”?

Something like that. I started going to the studio where he was working on his project, I always saw him, we became friends and he always flirted with me, but everyone in Miami is flirty. He thought he was a child to me, but when we made the video we shared a lot more, we started going to parties. Thus something beautiful was born.

—How do you define the moment in which you find yourself?

I feel very complete with my career, my team, my love life and my family. I have many things to achieve, but I take them in stride.

Below you can see the video of the LIVE interview.


Source: Elcomercio

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