EntertainmentMario Maywa releases “Paisaje Interior”, a meditation-oriented album

Mario Maywa releases “Paisaje Interior”, a meditation-oriented album


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The singer and Peruvian composer Mario Maywa, presented his new record production entitled “Paisaje Interior”, his most immersive and personal experience to date.


“The themes and dreamscapes have been created with his acoustic guitar and inspired by the energies of the mountains and the sea, combining ambient music with mystical and atmospheric touches”was noted in a press release.

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“Paisaje Interior” was recorded, mixed and mastered at the WM Studio Urubamba between 2021 and 2022, with most of the instruments performed by himself. The album has the influences of musicians such as Carlos Hayre, Andres Prado, Miguel Gistau, Hermeto Pascoal, Egberto Gismonti, José Gonzales, Joe Pass, Marc Ribot, Robert Fripp, among others.

Mario Maywa has declared that this project is the most personal of his career, as well as a challenge, since he never thought he would dare to release a solo acoustic guitar album. In each track of “Paisaje Interior” you can hear how the musician gave part of his life experience related to music therapy and Sound Healing.

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“This bunch of songs came out interweaving the energy of the sea, the coast and its sensuality. A trip with a view of the immense horizon surrounded by dead prehistoric animals on the shore and a love full of life running behind. Thus was born the impulse for this minimalist album that dares to propose a free and clear landscape. For wanting to project the waves of emotions in each song, in each color and intuition based on rebirth. See the fire constantly and let me die”, Mario Maywa commented on “Interior Landscape”.

About Mario Maywa

Peruvian composer and multi-instrumentalist has been producing different styles of music in various formats and platforms for more than 20 years. From popular music to experimental and meditative music.

He has 10 record productions as an independent composer and producer. He has collaborated as a creator and musicalizer for different formats such as cinema, theater, advertising, performance, dance, rituals and music bands. As his main project in band format, he carries out “Maywa” with more than 10 years on stage, 4 albums in his career and 2 tours of Europe.

He currently develops productions for the field of music therapy, Sound Healing, performance and experimental electronic music. In addition to conducting art retreats, meditation and training in the field of meditative music.

His sonority and exploration are nourished by original and mystical sounds, between the ancestral, psychedelic fused with contemporary and popular language, soundscapes and free improvisation.


“Inner Landscape” by Mario Maywa is available on digital platforms: HERE.

Source: Elcomercio

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