EntertainmentBrad Pitt discovered happiness only very recently

Brad Pitt discovered happiness only very recently


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Between his divorce, in which he has been entangled since 2016, and his fight against addictions, Brad Pitt has had a difficult time lately. But the superstar is now much better. The reason ? He managed to surround himself well. The actor was thus able to get rid of alcohol thanks to the support of a group of Alcoholics Anonymous which allowed him to feel safe.


“I had a really cool group of men here who were really private and selective, so it was secure. Because I had seen things from other people that were recorded as they spilled their guts out, and that’s just excruciating to me,” he told QG.

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Sober for six years now, he also managed to quit smoking overnight. “I don’t have that ability to smoke just one or two a day. That’s not how I am. I’m into it,” the star added.

recent joy

In the interview, where he engages in a very intimate way, Brad Pitt also explains that he struggled for a long time against depression. Happiness, in fact, is a fairly new feeling for him.

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“Joy was a very recent discovery, it happened late in my life. I always moved with the currents, I drifted in a certain way, and I followed suit. I think I spent years suffering from a kind of little depression, and it wasn’t until I accepted that, that I tried to embrace all the facets of my being – beauty and the ugliness – that I was able to capture those moments of joy,” he confessed.

And even the prospect of the end of his career, when he is now 58 years old, does not take away this happiness.


“I consider myself to be on the last stage (of my career)… The last semester or quarter. What will this part of my life become? And how do I want to look at it? “, he wondered, before concluding by implying that he will never really stop “creating”: “I am one of those creatures who speak through art. I just always want to do. If I don’t, I die in a certain way”.

Source: 20minutes

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