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Carlos Gardel Original II: Tribute to the King of Tango


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87 years ago, on June 24, the unforgettable voice of tango died during a plane crash. Carlos Gardel He was 44 years old, but at that time he had already conquered Latin America, Europe and the US market had just surrendered to his musical talent thanks to the handful of films he shot with the help of the Paramount film studio. Precisely during that stage, the renowned musician Terig Tucci worked alongside him arranging the songs that were part of tapes such as “Cuesta Down”, “Tango on Broadway”, “The Day You Love Me” and “Tango Bar ”. Eight decades later, a good part of those songs gave rise to the album “Carlos Gardel original”, nominated for a Latin Grammy, and to the homonymous show performed by Leonardo Pastore. “This concert is as if 80 years from now a tribute was made to Gustavo Cerati, but with the exact band that accompanied him, the same instruments and musical arrangements. It is what we have been doing with Gardel since 2016 ″, specifies the Argentine tenor, who returns to Lima with “Carlos Gardel Original II”, a renewed show after three years of his first presentation in Peruvian lands.


Purebred Gardelian

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Pastore is 49 years old and since he was nine he has been singing tangos by the legendary ‘Morocho de Abasto’. He started at the Café Tortoni in Buenos Aires, where he received invaluable lessons from artists of the Buenos Aires night. “I have dedicated my whole life not only to Gardel’s tangos but also to popular music. I have sung countless concerts in Argentina, Ecuador, Peru among other countries”. He also tells that of the more than 900 songs that the singer of French origin recorded, almost 700 songs are part of his current repertoire. “It’s that I started very young, there are some out there that I know but I don’t sing it. But Gardel is an artist who continues to surprise us”.

The recital “Carlos Gardel Original II”, which is for the full benefit of Radio Filarmonía, is divided into two parts and about twenty songs. In the first Pastore, who also plays guitar, will be accompanied by the pianist Hernán Malagoli to interpret a Gardelian repertoire beyond tangos. The other half arrives with the ensemble of Peruvian and Venezuelan musicians Mi Buenos Aires Querido, which replicates the instrumentalization and arrangements of hits such as “For a head”, “Volver” or “The day you love me”. In addition, the special guest of the night will be the tenor and former Minister of Culture Francesco Petrozzi.

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For Pastore, Gardel is a benchmark for all the great Latin American singers “because he opened doors that were complicated in his time. Like that tour in Medellin when fatality struck.” Next July, the also tenor and Malagoli will visit this Colombian city for the first time. Things of destiny.

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placer: Canout Theatre. Address: Av. Petit Thouars 4550, Miraflores. Date and Time: Friday, June 24, at 8 p.m. Tickets: at Entradasya.com and at the ticket office.

Source: Elcomercio

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