EntertainmentThe 'Umbrella Academy' showrunner was thrilled to discuss Elliot...

The ‘Umbrella Academy’ showrunner was thrilled to discuss Elliot Page’s transition onscreen


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When Elliot Page announced his transition in 2020, he hoped to be supported by the men and women who worked with him. But he had no idea how enthusiastic some of his collaborators would be, especially those on the show. Umbrella Academy. Asked by Seth Meyers in his talk show, the actor first spoke about the joy he feels in his life as a man.


“What I want to focus on right now that has been so amazing is the level of joy I feel. I feel good in a way I never thought possible for a long, long time. But of course, some moments can be overwhelming,” he said.

Incredible support

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One of the reasons Elliot Page is so happy is that when Steve Blackman, showrunner of the Netflix series, learned of his transition, he was immediately thrilled to be able to incorporate that aspect of his life into the show. character story of Vanya/Viktor Hargreeves.

“Steve Blackman is a truly amazing and wonderful person. When we first talked about it, he was thrilled to be able to add that to the show. And we brought in the journalist Thomas Page Mc Bee, who wrote a wonderful book called Amateur, which I advise everyone to read. He was the first trans man to box in Madison Square Garden. (…) He came and helped us, and I’m very excited for people to see all this, ”he explained to the presenter.

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The new season ofUmbrella Academy is available from this Wednesday on Netflix.

Source: 20minutes

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