EntertainmentFer Reyna debuts as a producer and announces the...

Fer Reyna debuts as a producer and announces the release of the album “Gravedad Cero”


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the singer-songwriter Fer Reyna announced the release of his new album “Gravedad Cero”, which includes unreleased songs that seek to consolidate it in the urban Latin genre and pop ballad. As a preview of this production, the artist will offer a show on July 7 at the Roc and Pez in Miraflores.


“This new album is born in times of great turbulence and oppression due to the pandemic. Being away from the stage for a long time seems like an overwhelming force.”said the singer.

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“That is why the only strength to counteract this situation was in making music and producing this new album, which is my response to the snowball that we have had to live through in recent years. This album is the force I use to counter all this chaos.” Fer Reyna added.

As is known, Fer is a versatile musician who not only composes his songs but also plays guitar, ukulele, bass, piano and drums. allowing you to make your own musical productions. Precisely, the young performer has just returned from Spain where he was training as a music producer to produce other artists.

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Currently, the single “Cantaré y Bailaré”, with a positive melody and lyrics, is heard on various stations in the country. The release of his new album is scheduled for October and could be accompanied by a tour of presentations in Mexico.


Fer Reyna is known in the musical world for his first album “I am here”, which he released years ago with very good reception and had collaborations with well-known singers such as Luis Fonsi and Noel Schajris.

Source: Elcomercio

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