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“There is room in the background”: this is how the actors have changed in recent years | PHOTOS


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The 2022 season of “There is room in the background” finally reached the television screens amid great expectations to find out what the Gonzáles and the Maldini would bring, after 5 years of having aired the last chapter of the eighth season.

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Undoubtedly, the passing of the years has permeated each of the protagonists, but what is striking is how they have changed physically over the years. However, they all maintain the essence of their iconic characters.

What is most striking is the change in character of Francesca Maldini, because now she is shown as an inclusive and quite tolerant person with each of the occurrences of the Gonzáles. Physically, Joel Gonzáles and Don Gilberto have changed in their aspects, but without losing the spark of these curious characters.

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While Pepe, Tito and Charito have marked their lines of expression, typical of age. Those who remain the same are the butler Peter, Francesca Maldini and the popular Teresita.

Joel Gonzales

Pepe and Tito



don gilbert


Francesca Maldin


Source: Elcomercio

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