EntertainmentKudai, Los 4 de Cuba, Trébol Clan, Bryan Arámbulo,...

Kudai, Los 4 de Cuba, Trébol Clan, Bryan Arámbulo, among others come together for “Reactivate 8″


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“Reactivate”, one of the festivals The most important multigenre in Peru, returns for its eighth edition and this time with an international line-up of five artists and the debut of two of two national artists of great popular popularity.


The event will take place on July 23 at the Arena Peru, where 21 bands will perform in a musical marathon of more than 14 hours.

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The new edition of “Reactivate 8” will have two stellar stages and renews an international grill headed by the Chilean group kudaimade up of Pablo, Bárbara, Tomás and Nicole, who return to the country after long years of absence to perform some of their most notorious hits such as “Ya nada está”, “Sinawakening” and “Escapar”.

This billboard is followed by the Puerto Rican duo Angel & Khrizwho recently returned to the scene with the remix of the single “Como Olvidar” feat Eix, uniting in this way the new and old school of reggaeton.

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From Colombia, Don Tetto will bring all the strength of his rock in Spanish; they will also be The Cuban 4 with his unmistakable style of reggaeton and Cuban timba. Close this international grill, Clover Clan, who has been promoting his recent release “Bailoteo” together with the Peruvian Kale.

“Reactivate 8″ will also feature a national talent billboard, in which the cumbia revelation Bryan Arámbulo and the Agua Bella group with their renewed front.

Harmony 10, Amen, Libido, Chabelos, Marisol, Magic of the North, Tourista, Mauricio Mesones, Combination of Havana, You Salsa, Orquesta Bembé, Olaya Sound System, Pedro Suárez-Vertiz La Banda, We the Lion and the group Not Recommended also added to the billboard.


Tickets will be available for pre-sale from June 27 to July 1 under the box and individual mode on the Teleticket digital platform.

Source: Elcomercio

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