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Cameron Diaz played a central role in the filming of “Harry Potter”

Let it be said, the Quidditch tournaments in “Harry Potter” could not have taken place if Cameron Diaz had not given Daniel Radcliffe a little boost! That’s what Tom Felton reveals in an autobiography titled Beyond the Wand: The Magic and Mayhem of Growing Up a Wizard. As explained by the actor who played Draco Malfoy throughout the saga, the cast needed benchmarks to know where to look during the flying broomstick scenes.

“The broomstick was a metal pole fitted with a very uncomfortable bicycle saddle,” he describes in an excerpt published by Insider. “They had a more elaborate rocking device to move you up and down, left and right. Air from the fans blew across your face to make it look like you had the wind in your hair. »

However, in order to direct the gaze of the actors towards the objects which would be added later in post-production, the teams used tennis balls hung on poles. And that’s where Cameron Diaz had to step in!

Daniel Radcliffe’s Crushes

“Sometimes there were several tennis balls in the air, and since they looked a lot alike, after a while they gave us other objects to look at,” continues Tom Felton. “We chose photos of something or someone close to our hearts. Daniel Radcliffe had a particularly good photo of Cameron Diaz. »

This is a memory that is sure to bring a smile to the interpreter of Harry Potter who, by the way, has long since admitted his teenage crush for the actress. Moreover, the heart of the actor was beating wildly for the Charlie’s Angels at the time since he also admitted that Drew Barrymore did not leave him indifferent. And how not to recall his crush for Helena Bonham Carter revealed in Back to Hogwarts few months ago !

Source: 20minutes

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