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Diosdado Gaitán Castro premiered a new version of his song “How have you done” | VIDEO

Twenty years after the first recording was made, Diosdado Gaitan Castro now releases a revamped version of the song “How have you done”. The composition of the Bolivian Rómulo Flores and that has accompanied the singer-songwriter from Ayacucho in all the concerts sounds more current, in keeping with the times we live in.

“I am very happy to launch this new version because time passes, but without a doubt the songs endure, they travel with ourselves. ‘How you have done’ is a good song, it has always been in our repertoire because of its lyrics and it is not necessary to ‘talk badly’ to entertain the public”warns Diosdado.

This theme contains new arrangements and It is covered by the notes of the winds, electric guitar, percussion, among other instruments that give it that special, fresh and innovative touch.. In addition, the theme has a video clip that is already available on all digital platforms.

The scenes of the music clip were recorded in the Surasaca lagoon, located in the populated center of Quichas, in the province of Oyon, department of Lima and all the shots had the beautiful snow-capped Altuscancha as a background.

And Arian, son of the singer, who has been working as part of his band for a long time, also participated in the video. This theme will be presented this Friday, November 4 at the Bianca Convention Center, in Barranco in celebration of the 35 years of artistic life of Diosdado Gaitán Castro. Tickets are on sale at Teleticket.

Source: Elcomercio

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