EntertainmentBritney Spears clashes with her mother through Instagram messages

Britney Spears clashes with her mother through Instagram messages


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This time, Britney Spears attacks her mother. The pop star decided not to spare anyone from her family after her guardianship ended, and after saying all the bad things she thinks of her father Jamie, then of her sister Jamie Lynn, it is now Lynne Spears who suffered the wrath of the interpreter of Toxic.


In a series of posts on Instagram, the artist embarked on a torturous demonstration, the message of which was clear: her mother had, according to her, abandoned her to her sad fate when she found herself under the blow of this very restrictive legal procedure.

Text messages revealed

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“Here are my text messages to my mum at this location three years ago…I’m showing them because there was no response…” she posted on Instagram (before deleting the messages) . In 2019, the singer had been interned in a psychiatric hospital. If she had, at the time, declared to enter there of her own free will, she has since confided that she was forced to do so.

In the posts published today, the interpreter of Stronger told her mother that she was afraid that the drugs they were forcing her to take would kill her. No response to these cries for help appears.

No answer, really?

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Her mother Lynne Spears immediately reacted by posting the same messages on Instagram, but with the replies she sent her at the time and where we can read that she is trying to reassure her.

“Britney, I have the whole conversation, it pains me that you think the people who love you the most have betrayed you.” Let me come to you! I love you ! “, she posted in the caption of the screenshots.

More anger

Obviously, this message further annoyed Britney Spears, who wrote a message clashing with her mother.

“You mistreated me and I don’t mind saying it. It drives me crazy that you still play the role of mother saint-nitouche, the perfect mom who goes to church in Louisiana, what a joke!!! You ruined everything for me, I don’t remember having received any text from you!!! (…) You are inflated to show these text messages when you all know how much you have hurt me, “she wrote, recalling in particular the release of Lynne Spears’ book “two weeks after” her first internment which led to his placement under guardianship.


The singer of 4U slave also blamed her for doing nothing when she lost custody of her sons to Kevin Federline.

Source: 20minutes

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