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Until always, Diego Bertie: a review of his greatest roles in film and television


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The actor Diego Bertie He has died at the age of 54, a tragic and too soon departure that leaves a hole that is difficult to fill in the Peruvian cultural space, where he was presented as a giant for decades on television and in the cinema.

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It is this same career that left us as his legacy a great body of work, with iconic roles in programs such as “Natasha”, “The successful Góme$” and “In the background there is a place”, as well as in films such as “Without compassion” , “Under the skin” and “The elusive good”. In this note we review some of the papers that will serve as part of Diego Bertie’s legacy.

“Natasha” (1990)

Although it was not his first role on the small screen – this honor is given to “Rosa de América” ​​-, it was the role that established him as a television heartthrob.

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In the telenovela, a second version of the classic 70’s show, Diego Bertie, one of the love interests of the title character, played by Maricarmen Regueiro. Actor Paul Martin also participates in the soap opera as Raúl in a rivalry that lit up the hearts of young and not so young in the early 90s.

Additional information, Diego Bertie sang the theme of the telenovela, thus uniting his passion for acting and music.

“Fandango” (1993)

At the dawn of his career, Diego Bertie starred alongside Mari Pili Barreda in the ‘sitcom’ “Fandango”, a story that revolved around two orphaned brothers who inherited their grandfather’s puppet business, doing shows from the garage of their House.

Although the series lasted only one year, it demonstrated Bertie’s versatility in going through the humor and tragedy that characterized him in the following years of his career.

“Report to death” (1993)

Diego Bertie takes the leading role alongside Marisol Palacios in this film by Danny Gavidia inspired by the El Sexto prison riot. In the film, Bertie plays Alfredo, a cameraman who, together with his partner Anel (Palacios), is sent to cover the violent events in a Lima prison. But both soon discover that their job of showing violent events only serves to feed back the violence that exists not only within the four walls of the jail, but throughout the city.

The film won the Vigía award at the XV International Festival of New Latin American Cinema in Matanzas, Cuba and was shortlisted for the Oscar Awards in the category of Best Foreign Film.

“Things of love” (1998)

Diego Bertie was already an established soap opera heartthrob when he starred in “Cosas del amor”, a production that put him back on the same stage as Maricarmen Regueiro.

In this show, the actor is Gonzalo García León, a humble factory worker who accidentally earns the hatred and attention of Valeria Castro-Iglesias (Regueiro), the daughter of his employer, with whom he finally begins a troubled love relationship.

His role in this series won him the award for Best Leading Actor in a Telenovela at the El Sol de Oro Awards in Mexico and the trophy for Best Leading Actor in a Foreign Telenovela at the Palmas de Oro Awards.

“Without compassion” (1994)

Diego Bertie starred in this adaptation of Fyodor Dostoyevski’s novel “Crime and Punishment” by Francisco Lombardi. In the film he plays Ramón Romano, a young law student who murders the owner of the room he rents to steal money that he later uses to help the woman he loves, a prostitute with financial problems.

The remorse for his actions and the fear of being arrested for his crimes will take him to the limit of his sanity. The film was also Peruvian representative at the Oscars and nominated for the Goya Awards in 1994.

“The Elusive Good” (2001)

Historical film by Augusto Tamayo, “El bien elquivo” takes us to the 17th century where a mestizo named Jerónimo de Ávila travels back to Peru to find a document that allows him to recover his inheritance.

Joining Bertie are Jimena Lindo, as the lyrically aspiring nun Inés Vargas de Carbajal, and Orlando Sacha, as Father Ignacio de Araujo, a priest tasked with extirpating cults in colonial Peru.

in conversation with Trade Last May, Augusto Tamayo highlighted the acting quality that made Bertie chosen for the main role from the beginning: “Among those of his generation there were not so many actors who could play a role like Jerónimo,” he remarked. “The other was Salvador del Solar, who I included in the first scene.”

“The successful Góme$” (2010)

Diego Bertie did a double role starring in this telenovela from Imizu Producciones, where he plays Gonzalo Guerra, an unlucky actor who is forced to replace the recently deceased television presenter Martín Gomes.

The telenovela had a star-studded cast, with the participation of actors such as Gianella Neyra, Alberto Ísola, Denise Arregui, Alejandra Guerra, Jimena Lindo, among many others.

“Back to the neighborhood” (2017)

Diego Bertie did not often play antagonists, but when he did, he did so with evident enthusiasm. This is how it was in his role as Luis Felipe Sandoval, the powerful and arrogant businessman who owns the company Credits Sandoval, who gave the protagonists so many problems.


Source: Elcomercio

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