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Lima Film Festival 2022: the red carpet, exciting speeches and more from the opening gala | CHRONICLE


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On the night of last Thursday, August 4, the 26th Lima Film Festival at the Grand National Theater. For nine days, fans of the seventh Art They will be able to enjoy national and international films in the first hybrid edition of the event, which has managed to overcome the adverse situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Upon arrival at the venue, the guests walked the red carpet to pose for the media. Trade witnessed the arrival of artists such as Gerardo Zamora, Gonzalo Molina -who was accompanied by his son Lorenzo- and Silvia Majo.

One of the most anticipated actresses of the night was Mercedes Morán, one of the honorees at the 26th edition of this film event. The protagonist of “La Niña Santa” (2004) smiled at the cameras that were watching every step she took inside the theater. After her entered Mayella Lloclla and Jesús Luque, the protagonist of “Manco Cápac” by director Henry Vallejo.

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After the red carpet, the doors of the great auditorium were opened and minutes later, with all the attendees located in their seats, the ceremony began.

Due to his agenda, the Minister of Culture, Alejandro Salas, could not be present at the ceremony. In his representation was attended by the Vice Minister of Cultural Heritage and Cultural Industries, Janie Gómez Guerrero. During her speech, the Mincul representative stressed that the Lima Film Festival is a great opportunity to strengthen the industry, while bringing new opportunities for young producers, directors and audiovisual managers.

“As the governing body of cultural policies in our country, We are committed to promoting the participation of all, integrating ourselves from our diverse cultural identities. And, without a doubt, cinema is a fundamental tool to achieve this goal. Creating, producing, distributing and participating in cinema makes it possible to discover other ways of experiencing life”he added.

Gómez Guerrero specified that through the Directorate of Audiovisual, Phonography and New Media (DAFO) they are promoting initiatives such as economic incentives for cinematographic activity. For this 2022, the allocated budget is S / 24,738,700, which are distributed through 25 competitive and non-competitive lines.

In this way, The development and strengthening of the film and audiovisual sector is constituted as a joint effort between the public and private sectors and civil society organizations. Always with the same goal: to ensure that all Peruvians can fully exercise their cultural rights”, Gomez specified.

night of tributes

The filmmaker Joanna Lombardi approached the stage to honor the Argentine actress Mercedes Morán, who along with Yvonne Frayssinet is one of the two honorees in this edition. “She is one of those women who surrounds herself with women. I am convinced that she is a pioneer in the creation of women’s networks, a true feminist. She always enjoying life with a great sense of humor and overwhelming intelligence. This tribute is just stopping for a second to look at the road traveled, smile and enjoy it as you know how to do. And then look forward again, with that unique look, because what is coming is beautiful. You are a light where you gosentenced.

After this presentation, the honoree took the floor. Morán showed her happiness for being in this new edition of the Lima Film Festival. “One day was enough for me to perceive the warmth of the people here, which is absolutely remarkable. Thank you very much, I want to share this award with the directors who excite us as actresses to be part of that dream that they want to capture in a film. We are part of that wonderful act of faith that gives us meaning. I am going to dedicate it to all the women who are fighting to make this world a fairer and more equitable place.said the Argentine interpreter.

Face-to-face and virtual cinema

The director of the Lima Film Festival, Marco Mühletaler, highlighted that, after two years of the pandemic, they finally inaugurate the “old companion of our country’s cultural calendar” in person.

“This year we undertake a new challenge: to return to theaters with the conviction of the power of the experience in communion that it offers us, but also exploiting all the possibilities that virtuality has given us. That is why we are proud to present a hybrid edition, where everyone finds a place. The Lima Film Festival is not only in Lima, it finds in the network a free way to be able to bring the best of Latin American cinema to all the regions of the country and, thus, make them feel closer despite the geographical distance. Let’s celebrate then, the cinema brings us together today, and hopefully it will continue to do so always “he pointed out.

After the speech, the organization projected a small video in tribute to those artists who left during the last year. The first to appear on the screen of the Gran Teatro Nacional was the first Peruvian actor Carlos Tuccio. The actress Elva Alcandré followed, remembered for her role in “Valiente Amor”. Cinematographer Franco Bernasconi, filmmaker Heddy Honigmann, actor Ismael Contreras, director Marianne Eyde and film critic Desiderio Blanco were next. Finally, they presented the portrait of the filmmaker Óscar Catacora, remembered for his film “Wiñaypacha” (2017), who died in November of last year.

Comments on the political situation were also part of the event. Carlos Garatea, rector of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, said during his turn thatwe are witnesses that mediocrity, incompetence and cynicism make us see a professionalism incapable of being controlled by the institutions that must ensure a healthy, real and inclusive democracy”.

He then remarked: “However, the issue is another. What are we doing here tonight? I am going to use a phrase from my friend Alonso Cueto. ‘We are here because we refuse to be crushed by the present’. We are here because we want to build the future. We are here because art, culture, sensitivity, beauty and creativity are indisputable touchstones for a healthy coexistence, for the formation of the person. Let us not forget that culture is essential”.

Garatea concluded by indicating that “Cinema is, without a doubt, a fundamental medium. So, what better than to declare this new and very opportune edition of the Lima Film Festival inaugurated”.

Lastly, Álvaro Luque, director of “La Danza de Los Mirlos”, a documentary that opened the 2022 Lima Film Festival, spoke. Having access to one of the most representative and influential bands in our country has truly been an incredible gift. Being able to accompany them in Moyobamba, in their concerts and international tours, was truly an experience that I hope to return to always”, he highlighted. The attendees did not expect that, once the screening of the film was over, the group Los Mirlos would give a concert at the Gran Teatro Nacional.

And with all this said, let the movie festival begin.

More data

Lima Film Festival: From Thursday 4 to Friday 12 August

Tickets at this link. Full schedule of activities here.

Peruvian actress Yvonne Frayssinet will be honored at the closing of the festival.

In a statement, the festival lamented the recent death of Diego Bertie: “Diego was a very complete artist. A benchmark on the national scene in theater, film, television and music. At the PUCP Cultural Center we were lucky enough to share with him many theatrical productions. We will never forget Diego’s enormous talent and dedication.”


Source: Elcomercio

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