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Diego Bertie told how he started in the theater and revealed his most intimate side in an interview with El Comercio in the 90s


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Diego Bertie studied at Markham College where he participated in all artistic activities. Although in adolescence he moved away from singing and acting, it would be in the mid-80s when he joined the pop group Images. In March 1989 he participated in the first Song for Peace Festival held at the Amauta Coliseum.

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Diego Bertie was 22 years old when in 1990 he gave an interview to Trade about his beginnings in the theater. At that time, the actor had the miniseries “Santa Rosa” on the air, the soap opera “The man who should die” and as if that were not enough Osvaldo Cattone He had been assigned an interesting role in the play “A Don Juan in Hell.”

To our journalist’s question about when he decided to be an actor, he replied:

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“Singing rock, the comedy ‘Fantastic’ was presented, which was not very successful but served to make me notice. They called me for ‘Santa Rosa’, which we recorded, but it took a long time before it was screened and although I had already made the decision to dedicate myself completely to art, I was left with nothing, for several, many months. But the character I had in the miniseries, who was a novice in search of the truth about him, helped me to guide my life and find my way. Now I know what I want and I try to do it better every day”.

Interview with actor Diego Bertie in 1992Photo: GEC Historical Archive

In another part of the interview, he said: “I play the guitar and paint pictures that I give to the people I love; it’s like giving them some of my affection; I write love songs and others related to the moment we live in, as a call to reflection for young people”.

In the 90’s, Diego Bertie He continued to participate in television series such as “Fandango” with actress Mari Pili Barreda. Her character was Bruno, a young man who was a bellhop at a hotel and was studying film. On that occasion he had to keep his beard because he was beginning to film the movie “Reportaje a la muerte” under the direction of Dany Gavidia.

Diego Bertie and Alberto Isola in the play "Simón".  Photo: Pilar Flores/ GEC Historical Archive

“Yepeto”, “Eclipse total”, “Contragolpe”, “Locos de amor”, “Bodas de sangre”, “Simón” and “La Vida es sueño” are part of an accelerated trajectory on the stage during the 90s.

During an interview conducted by the journalist Pilar Flores, the actor told how he came to the theater: “Because of those rare impulses that one does not know where they come from. I started in the most direct way. There was a test to do small roles in a play where you didn’t need much experience. Just knowing how to move… and that’s how I started, without really knowing what it was. That play was “Annie” directed by Osvaldo Cattone. Then, little by little, I got involved until I got to know what the job was like and began to situate myself and… until now I’m still at it. The theater is like a long road, in which you always have to be choosing and trying to find your place”.


Source: Elcomercio

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