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“It is a privilege to be advertised in this square with those two bullfighting figures”

“It is a privilege to be advertised in this square with those two bullfighting figures”

“It is a privilege to be advertised in this square with those two bullfighting figures”

─You are taking your alternative against two great bullfighters like Andrés Roca Rey and Juli, is there much expectation?

Yes, above all because of the importance of Acho and because it is the date of my alternative. I think it is a date that whoever wants to be a bullfighter dreams of one day being able to take it and what a privilege to be able to take it here.

─ The pandemic couldn’t with your dreams.

The pandemic was a super important break. Personally, because I had dates in important places and obviously at first it hurts a lot, but then you have to assimilate it, you have to realize what the reality is and turn it around. In my case it is to continue preparing, not get bored. I was lucky to be in the field a lot, so that keeps you in constant closeness with the animal, with the bull, the cow. Personally, going to the field motivates me a lot, so that helped me not to collapse. Of course, nothing like being advertised in the important squares, but hey, you have to turn it around, see it in the best possible way and be prepared when everything returns to normal because sooner or later it will return. Obviously it took time, but he came back and you had to be prepared for the commitments that came out.

─Does it make you nervous to be in an important square like Acho next to two big ones?

Okay, yes. More than anything, not because you want to give an image, but quite the opposite, you have always dreamed of being in that moment and now that you are, well, nothing, nothing left but to enjoy it, give myself up, enjoy those afternoons because they are unique afternoons, the Alternative you only live once. Whatever happens, it must be a very beautiful day. It will be an enormous satisfaction to take the alternative and hopefully it can be with a win.

─What can you say to those people who criticize bullfights? Surely tomorrow you will hear some screams because they always perch outside.

When I have had a conversation with someone who doesn’t like bullfights, the only thing I tell them is that to judge something you have to know it and if you don’t like it, respect it. I think you have to respect traditions, tastes, cultures, and if you don’t like them, then don’t go either, nobody is telling you to do it. Anyone who is interested in getting to know the bullfighting world will be left with another impression due to all that this profession entails, involving a lot of work, respect and also hierarchy. It is a profession in which certain values ​​are instilled in you, not only in the bullfighter, but also in the rancher, the businessman, and the fan himself. Going to a square and seeing a show where a human being and an animal risk their lives, I think it is the most beautiful thing in this world. It is a unique thing.

─What do you think of Acho’s fans?

I’m counting the hours to be able to enjoy the fans again. I have also been lucky enough to have seen many tasks of so many bulls that have passed through here. I get goosebumps thinking about that strong ole that is heard here in Lima.

─What do you think of Andrés Roca Rey?

All the virtues that a person who wants to be a bullfighter and many values ​​come to mind: admiration, mastery, courage, technique, everything. He is a teacher for whom I have a lot of admiration and respect. I have been lucky enough to spend a few moments with him and I have nothing left but to admire him very much. Seeing myself advertised with him now, in his square, is truly a privilege. I always said that, if one day I took the alternative and could choose, I would like the maestro Roca Rey and look, it was not only with the maestro Roca Rey but also with the maestro Juli. When he takes the alternative I was not yet born, so imagine, I have seen it all my life. I have tried to learn a lot from him and it is a privilege to be advertised in this square with those two bullfighting figures.

─As the son of a rancher, how do you explain what a bull means to you?

It is an animal that was born for that. The only thing human beings have done is improve their genetics. I think it is one of the animals that has the best care from birth until it dies in the bullring. They are treated with great respect. I believe that if there is someone who truly loves that animal, it is bullfighting.

Source: Elcomercio

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