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“You’re going to miss me”: Grupo 5 and Ezio Oliva collaborate with Rombai on their new song | VIDEO

On the brink of celebrating its 50th anniversary, the Team 5 He surprised all his fans by collaborating on “You’re going to miss me”, the new song by the Argentines from rombai in which Ezio Oliva also participates.

The theme is an Argentine cumbia that has arrived accompanied by a video that is already available in the top 6 of YouTube trends, as it has so far achieved more than 86,000 views.

The production opted for black and white images for the clip, in which a group of musicians appears playing the güiro scraper, a musical instrument symbol of Argentine cumbia. For the melody there is a mixture of cumbia pop, a genre that has not been explored by Grupo 5.

This contagious song will undoubtedly make all the fans of the artists dance and could become a hit for the summer of 2023 as It is already playing very successfully on the main music platforms.

As you remember, a few months ago Fer, Rombai’s vocalist, expressed his desire to collaborate with Grupo 5 and finally this happened with the song “You’re going to miss me”.

Here, Christian Yaipén starts singing and then Ezio Oliva and Rombai appear, the latter considered as one of the highest representatives of Argentine cumbia and one of the most listened to in Latin America that He has among his greatest hits songs like “If I have a beer”, “I’m leaving”, “2 pa’ 2″, among others.

This is a new challenge for the chameleonic voice of Christian Yaipén from Grupo 5who is ready for his participation in “La Voz Generaciones” alongside Tony and Mimy Succar, as well as the always talented Eva Ayllón.

Source: Elcomercio

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