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Yiddá Eslava and Julián Zucchi present the trailer for “I am innocent” where Édgar Vivar and Pablo Ruiz shine | VIDEO


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Julián Zucchi and Yiddá Eslava confirm the release date of their new film project ‘Soy Inocente’ that this January 19 reaches all theaters in Peru. In addition, they present us with the official trailer of this comedy that has a great cast such as Edgar Vivar, Pablo Ruiz, Yarlo Ruiz, along with Yiddá Eslava, Rodolfo Carrión, Patricia Portocarrero, Mariella Zanetti, Pietro Sibille, among others.

I am Innocent, it is a film that encompasses the love I have for my people, I wanted to embody a character closer to the reality that I lived as a child, I come from a large family, with working parents. This is how “Sofía” was born, this character, in addition to being sweet and innocent, for me is a tribute to the Peruvian fighter, the one who wakes up early to fight for his dreams and goals, who cracks down to be able to give his family better opportunities and like everything else In life, it’s not rosy (laughs) destiny always manages to put tests and obstacles on us, well it was Sofía’s turn to be the main suspect in a crime she did not commit, all this told with humor and folly”, points out Slavic Yiddah.

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I’m excited, happy and nervous because it’s the first time we’re airing the trailer for I’m Innocent, which is the first movie we’ve made outside the universe Yes, my love, a production that people have supported a lot and we’re happy because it’s a brand which we are very fond of. But it was time to do other things, to show something different, taking advantage of everything we’ve learned in all these years in the film industry, what we’ve received from people, their comments. Our films went through theaters and also through different platforms, all that learning we poured into this film, but being faithful to our humor, to that bond we have with the public”, he comments Julian Zucchi

“Soy Inocente” is directed by Pedro Flores Maldonado (Yes, my love, shall we get married? Yes, my love) and produced by Julián Zucchi, who is more than excited to assume one of the roles that he is also passionate about, such as production.

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I’m Innocent, which is a film that I hope you enjoy a lot, that in addition to laughing a lot, it has many surprises, they are going to get into the story and they are going to want to know who is to blame, who is lying, it has everything for the people entertain themselves and above all go to a movie theater and enjoy a quality film with the best technology that makes them forget their problems and that it is Peruvian. The beautiful thing about national cinema is that it entertains, amuses and gives something additional that is identification by recognizing our districts, our neighborhoods, identity, together with an international cast that I also think enhances everything a bit. We are enthusiastic, many people trusted us, actors like Edgar Vivar, Mariella Zanetti, Felpudini, we do not want to disappoint that trust. I hope you like it and share this trailer a lot, we are waiting for you in movie theaters this January 19 to have fun together”, asserted Julián Zucchi

I am grateful to life, that from an idea that was born in 2021, in 2 months it will be in all movie theaters, it is a reward for the effort we make every day in search of this dream, making movies”, added Yiddá Eslava star of Soy Inocente.

I’m innocent the premiere Thursday January 19 in all movie theaters nationwide, opening the season of national premieres of 2023. You can’t miss it. Produced by Wallaz Productions.

Source: Elcomercio

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