Entertainment“I thought I had a very happy childhood. ...

“I thought I had a very happy childhood. Over time, I learned that many of my anxieties were due to fear of abandonment “


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“I always thought that I had a very happy childhood. Over time, I understood that many of my anxieties and anxieties were because I was afraid of abandonment, of loss.”

Nobody knows about anybody. We don’t know what situations people are going through. Many of us can pretend and make believe that everything is fine, but inside, we are carrying our own battles. I could say that we have all felt at some point in a hole from which we believe we cannot get out. I have felt like this many times, but I have always been blessed to have someone by my side, to know that I am not alone.

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My father died when I was 6 years old and I always thought that I had a very happy childhood, thanks to my mother and my brothers and the support of my school. Over time, as an adult, and after several years of therapy, I understood that many of my anxieties and anxieties were because I was afraid of abandonment, of loss. That cost me a lot of tears and problems in my relationships in general. My family has been everything to me, but we have suffered very hard losses: a nephew just 14 years old in an accident, my sister Solange with cancer, young, recently married. Then my brothers Eduardo, Ana María and Luis who left us this year. It is very painful to lose your brothers.

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In the labor aspect, dedicating yourself to making culture in this country is a constant challenge and a daunting task. But my passion helps me not to give up. However, I have had to face very difficult situations, where the stress that I have had to go through, to carry out the projects, has left me emotionally exhausted and, many times, without having the strength to continue. But there was always someone there, to cheer me up, like Marco. Always telling me to focus on everything we had achieved and that I should be very proud. My Passionates, my Prelude students, who always motivate me and help me not to throw in the towel. My daughter who is my constant engine. I have felt terrible and without strength, yes, but I have always been very grateful for life, for my faith. I always thank God for all the blessings and I ask him to enlighten me and help me to be strong and keep fighting for my dreams.

As director of Preludio, I have also had the opportunity to witness how my students (my Passions) have found a safe space here, in art, and how many really needed it. A space to share your feelings, to be heard, to feel part of. That’s why I felt the need to do this concert and it’s so important to me and our entire cast and creative team. Because I know that many people can find in it a space in which they will know that they are not alone. Through the intimacy of music and theater, we want to contribute to sensitize, raise awareness and destigmatize these issues around mental health, and that it is not a taboo in our society.

Source: Elcomercio

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