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“Solar”, the exhibition by Inés Wiese that deconstructs the intimacy and meaning of home


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For Inés Wiese, the pandemic was a period in which her creativity was stimulated, and this is precisely what also happened to many artists who had to keep their talent at home. Art played an important role at the beginning of the confinement, helping many people to express their emotions, fears and longings, but also to rethink the role of their private spaces, mainly their homes.

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Since these four walls were the ones that kept us safely within the uncertain, it is predictable that the duality between protection and lack of protection that these offer us will begin to be questioned. This happened with Inés, who perceived a sense of “fragility”, which went beyond the material with which her house was made, but rather violated the structure of an apparently stable space. Therefore, she decided to start her art project “Solar”.

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Thinking about the house from its symbolic dimension gave him the opportunity to get to know himself, to the extent that he recognized the attributes of the home he lived in during the pandemic. “I started these pieces trying to build a house from the subjective, without talking about a physical space, but about the way I felt within certain spaces”says the artist.

Starting from precariousness, Inés felt like she was building a house from scratch. “The exhibition bears the name ‘Solar’ because this word means that it is a piece of land destined for building, I liked to think that of my works”, add. In this way, in its set of pieces they tie sculpture, body and space, in order to communicate from unfinished or disaggregated structures.

It took a long time for the bond between the papier-mâché and resin to take on a cement-like consistency.  Casa I presents us with a mold made from the door of Inés' house.

The main element of the exhibition is papier-mâché, becoming the guiding thread of pieces such as House I, House II Y 3rd house; which were made from the union of numerous units of this material with resin, until achieving a thickness that could stand on its own. “It was like going back to school work”, he explains while laughing. All this done on top of elements of your home, such as doors or windows.

Also works like The Walk of Life, Party or Agnes again They are paintings represented by acrylic on canvas, cement or paper; These reveal to us the words, intrusive thoughts and household objects that Inés had within her reach during the times of confinement. We also find Los Novios, which tells us a story of separation through household items.

Los Novios expresses the feeling of wanting to be close despite the distance.

On the other hand, Inés represents her own workspace through The workshopa painting that portrays the preparation process of part of his pieces, creating a kind of mise en abyme that overlaps one story within another.

Solar Night is one of the photographic interventions in which Inés' pieces go outside.

In the same way, the artist performs interventions through photography with some of her works from the plane of a ceiling, on which the pieces are placed as a single narration of all of them, shown at the conclusion of the exhibition in an urban context. , erect and smooth architecture.

Where and how to attend?


Place: Collector Coffee Gallery.

Location: Av. San Martin 144, Barranco.

Date: From November 16 to December 16.

Schedules: Every day from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Likewise, in the exhibition you will also be able to find the Inés Wiese jewelry catalogue.

Source: Elcomercio

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