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The huts and beach restaurants could disappear in the Natura 2000 zone

Are we heading towards a reduction in the number of developed beaches on the Hérault coast? In any case, this is the wish of the State, which has decided to toughen the town planning code through the ELAN law, implemented in 2019.

Thus, to protect Natura 2000 zones, certain concessions will not be renewed in the coming years, in particular on the Mauguio-Carnon lido up to La Grande-Motte. In total, 39 of the 76 Hérault straw huts would be affected by these new, stricter measures. This leads to the concern of the managers of these concessions which, according to their comments reported by France 3 Occitanie, do not understand their facilities pose an environmental problem. A relaxation of the rules is thus desired by most of the coastal municipalities, with a view to economic and tourist development.

The Hérault prefecture specifies that the equipped beaches may find another place of installation than these spaces classified as remarkable and sensitive in order to best respect the link between ecological awareness and economic development.


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