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“Heart Ocean”, “Lightning” … The series that rocked the summers of teens in “KD2A”


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If you think about your past summers, what memories come back to you? A delicious ice cream eaten in front of a sunset? The satisfaction of a perfect tan? At the house of 20 Minutes, we love lemon sorbets and tanned complexions, but what we prefer even more is the television and all the good times that go with it.

During the summer, there is no doubt that you have turned on your station, whether it is to follow the Tour de France and the Olympics if it is your hobby, or to relax in front of one of the cult programs that the TV offers us every season.

References for a whole generation

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There is a recurring question that comes up when it comes to breakfast: should you pour the milk in your bowl before or after the cereal? If this thorny question has been debated for years, this is not the case with the TV program that accompanied it during the summer holidays. By the time they woke up, 2000s teens knew how to tune in to KD2A to follow the best series of the moment.

Among them, Heart Ocean and Lightning thrilled the younger generation for five seasons. The ingredients were the same since you had to count on a great dose of love, a touch of rivalry and a solid group of friends. A look back at these cult French series in the eighth and final issue ofA summer in front of the TV.

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