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“Black Adam” came to streaming amid “discomfort” between Dwayne Johnson and Warner Bros.

Black Adam” came to streaming. The movie starring dwayne johnson can be seen in HBO Max since December 16, however, it arrives wrapped in controversy.

Released in theaters in October this year, the film grossed $390,022,380 worldwide, a low number compared to other superhero series. In addition, it received criticism from the press, which was generally negative.

Problems and more problems

In recent days, controversy has engulfed dwayne johnson, DC. and Warner Bros. pproducer in charge ofBlack Adam”. It is said that the actor is furious with the “failure” of the film, which he considered “a new era in the DC universe, with new settings and complex and diverse characters in terms of representation”, until a few months ago.

The anger would lie in the last moves of DC. and Warner Bros. regarding the future of his films and the recent decisions not to have Henry Cavill for the role of a new Superman film as well as the cancellation of “Wonder Woman 3”.

To this we must add the assumption that Dwayne Johnson would have stopped following the accounts of Black Adam Y Warner Bros. on Instagram, but he assured that he never followed any of those accounts. “100% not true. I never followed any account on IG, ”wrote the actor on his social media.

It should be noted that so far, he does not know clearly what the future of “Black Adam” will be in the DC universe.

“The signing of Dwayne Johnson

After the irregular reception of titles such as “The Suicide Squad”, “Justice League” and “Birds of Prey”, which left the studio without a clear direction, it was said that the signing of the imposing Dwayne Johnson -also known as ‘The Rock ; it was his bet on a single card.

The funny thing is that the actor had already signed on for the saga in 2014 to give life to Black Adam in “Shazam!”, but the producers were so impressed with the camera tests that they decided to give him a solo film and a budget of more than 200 million dollars for his debut.

The story of “Black Adam”

Set in a universe clearly inspired by the cities of the Middle East, “Black Adam” opens with its protagonist confused to find that the ancient civilization in which he grew up, Kahndaq, is a modern metropolis that is nothing like the old days.

Released from prison, where he has spent thousands of years, he must adapt to a new world in which his aggressiveness and peculiar way of distributing justice will run into a group of superheroes, known as the Justice Society of America, who will try to stop his crimes. Actions.

Black Adam arrives at HBO Max hand in hand with the franchise From the cinema to your housewhich releases the highest-grossing films from Warner Bros. and other major movie studios after their theatrical release.


Source: Elcomercio

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