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My favorite Christmas gift: figures of art and culture show the most special gift they received

The price or size of the gift does not matter so much, but the sentimental value that lasts over time. That is why we consulted various figures in the artistic milieu about the object they treasure and why. The stories they told us confirm their worth.

light letts

artist and writer

“I like blogs or sketchbooks. Without stripes or lines or any layout. Clean. The ones that invite you to draw or write”, affirms Luz Letts in front of a set of these tiny notebooks, which she can hide in a pocket or at the bottom of a purse, and on whose pages she has turned countless creations.

“This love of blank pages was fostered in my sister and me by our dear Uncle Lolo,” Letts says. The most generous person I have ever met. Having endless blank pages is too much of a temptation. We draw playing and we still do. Thanks to Uncle Lolo, Christmas lasted the whole year”.

Diana Foronda

Singer and leader of Area 7

“As a child I only had one doll because they didn’t attract much attention to me, but now, the more history they have, they are more valuable to me,” says Foronda, who currently owns between 40 and 50 of these figures, which can be bought at auctions. from Tacora or come from more special collections. And although many of them have a dark and macabre aspect, the rocker admits that they connect her with Christmas, give her comfort and awaken her most creative side.

Diana Foronda shows some of the dolls from her collection.  (Photo: Anthony Niño de Guzmán)


Q-pop singer

This toy –a pair of a Bratz doll– is the only object that Lenin keeps from his childhood. He was nine years old when he obtained it, just before having to move to Abancay due to family problems that abruptly changed the course of his life. But there was that little plastic figure, one of the few things that fit in his suitcase and that linked him in some way to his origins. “It’s incredible that an object that only cost 20 soles is now part of my life,” he says excitedly.

The singer Lenin and a very valuable toy for him.  (Photo: Lenin Thaddeus)


freestyler and singer

The gift that she treasures the most is a necklace that her father gave her a few years ago. She even remembers the words she spoke before giving it to her: “Always keep in your memory all the good things we experienced and the strength that these emotions transmit to you,” she told him. “Now, before I go out to any show, concert or important event, the necklace makes me feel safe. For this reason, I keep her gift with a lot of love, and her message has been engraved in me ”, confesses the young artist.

Freestyler Janice and the necklace her father gave her.  (Photo: Cesar Bueno)

mimy succar


Although it may seem ostentatious, a Toyota car is Mimy Succar’s favorite gift, but due to its sentimental value: her daughter Claudia gave it to her in 2019. “After playing, we were collecting things when my daughter approaches me to ask me to accompany him to the exit because he was supposedly leaving. When we got to the valet parking, they brought the car with the big red bow. I almost had a heart attack. I had never had a new car, zero kilometers, ”she says.

The car that Mimy Succar received by surprise.  (Photo: personal archive)

tony succar

musician and producer

Succar’s story is more peculiar. His wife, Lauren Christine, gave him a PlayStation 4, a game he considers one of the best gifts he’s ever received. The curious thing about the case is that today he no longer has the console in his power. “I liked it so much that I had to return it to the store so I wouldn’t get addicted and neglect the music. When you are a consecrated artist you can afford that luxury; before, no, ”he confesses. Christmas things.

Tony Succar and the PlayStation that he had to return.  (Photo: personal archive)

Nicole Favre


Nicole’s dream of spending Christmas in New York came true last year. And she was there with her boyfriend, who gave her a white winter coat. That is, for her, her most treasured gift. “I choose it as a special one not because of the coat itself, but because of the moment and the complete context: being with my boyfriend in my favorite city in the world, and my favorite time of the year. Because in the end a gift will always remind you of a moment or a person. The years may go by and the coat doesn’t even fit me anymore, but whenever I see it it will be a very special memory”.

Nicole Favre, her boyfriend, and the dream Christmas trip to New York.  (Photo: personal archive)

Source: Elcomercio

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