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Infopesa and a son’s gift to dad: a music box with Los Mirlos, Juaneco, Grupo 5, Armonía 10 and more

Infopesa and a son’s gift to dad: a music box with Los Mirlos, Juaneco, Grupo 5, Armonía 10 and more

Infopesa and a son’s gift to dad: a music box with Los Mirlos, Juaneco, Grupo 5, Armonía 10 and more

The 50 years of Infopesa they were fulfilled in 2021, but the celebration could not be given. That same year, its founder, Alberto Maraví, the man who created the Peruvian record label in 1971 and who led it to become one of the most important in the region, died. Even so, Don Alberto left the seed of the publication that would commemorate half a century of work, and that has only now come to light: an impeccable ‘box set’ with the best music that the national label has published for decades.

Because “Infopesa: 50 years of the orange label” is literally a gift. A delicate package that is touched and contemplated, that is opened with care, and is made to listen and look carefully. Ten vinyls presented in 45 RPM format, like those of yesteryear.At Infopesa we had already returned with 33 RPM vinyl, but people asked us for the classic 45″, says Juan Ricardo Maraví, son of Don Alberto and heir to the record company.

But it’s not just about longing, it’s a format that many DJs prefer because they are tiny records that can be easily carried and played anywhere. Therefore We found it interesting to resume the production of these vinyls for our 50th anniversary”, adds Maraví Jr., proud of having shaped the product his father dreamed of.

What do the ten circles in question bring? A total of 20 songs by Los Mirlos, Juaneco y la Combo de él, Cuarteto Continental, Los Pakines, Los Pasteles Verdes, Grupo 5, Armonía 10, Agua Marina and more. The reason for the variety is explained by Maraví: “People usually recognize Infopesa for cumbia, but many forget that it had everything: salsa, ballads, pop, etc. That is why we wanted to show the diversity of genres, such as the pop rock of Los Pasteles Verdes, or the time when Grupo 5 played disco music”.

Although he acknowledges that a project like this can be risky and expensive, Maraví assures that his goal is always to add value to each of these valuable relaunches. “I could scan an old cover, digitize the vinyl and put it out like this. Maybe I would earn a bigger margin of money, but the purpose is to take care of the details in the remastering, the art, the printing. I think there’s a market for that and people appreciate it. In addition, this album seeks to pay homage to my father and the label. That’s why it’s worth doing“, Explain.

In this sense, Maraví Jr.’s tribute to Maraví Sr. is rounded off with the inclusion of the last ‘track’ of the volume: an unpublished version of “Luna de Tartagal”, by Don Alberto. “My father recorded an album in Uruguay, I found the master in his archives, and after he passed away I knew that I had to include this song, that shows him as a singer and guitarist. Many people do not know that facet. And it ends up giving meaning to all the logic of this album”, says Juan Ricardo. Somewhere dad will be listening.

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Where to get it?

You can purchase the ‘box set’ through the Infopesa page:

Where to get it?

Juan Ricardo Maraví, current director of Infopesa, edited this 'box set' in homage to his father, founder of the label, Alberto Maraví.  (Photo: Renzo Salazar)

Source: Elcomercio

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