Stephanie Cayo: sends a strong message to Miss Universe contestants to avoid sabotage against Alessia


Stephanie Key You are following each of the steps you take Alessia Rovegno in it miss Universe. The Peruvian actress is excited because her niece is living from her experience and she was encouraged to flatter her by describing all the virtues that make her deserving of the crown.

“Guys, Miss Universe starts right now, and I’m going to tell you the truth. I have never been a fan of this type of beauty pageants, some of you already know, but I am so excited that my niece is competing ”, the sister said excitedly Barbara Key.

“I can attest that my niece is intelligent, a good person, a sweet girl, plus she has prepared a lot, she has a spectacular body, she is very pretty. I have seen the other girls, they are very pretty, I imagine they are good people too, but let’s see, I’m trying to be fair, I haven’t seen a prettier girl in the contest this year than Alessia Rovegno”, added.

Stephanie Cayo warns Miss Universe contestants not to sabotage Alessia Rovegno again

Even though Alessia Rovegno He only came out to tell that the wings of his typical costume broke on the preliminary night, Jessica Newton did point out that the Miss Peru It would have suffered sabotage, since the gala dress that she had as her first option also appeared torn.

To these statements, Stephanie Key He also did not hesitate to refer to the sabotage suffered by his niece and issued a strong warning to the other candidates for the miss Universe.

“I hope you don’t lose any shoes, or break a dress like they already did. She has not said anything because she is a very sweet girl, but I do say it, because I don’t care about anything ”, mentioned.

“Girls, to all the contestants, I will be watching all of them, be careful, I will be watching them closely, I have already put people next to Alessia so that she can look at them and film them. Those who dare to hide a shoe from him will face me directly ”, sentenced.

The 16 semifinalists of Miss Universe 2022

1. Miss Puerto Rico

2. Miss Haiti

3. Miss Australia

4. Miss Dominican Republic

5. Miss Laos

6. Miss South Africa

7. Miss Portugal

8. Miss Canada

9. Miss Peru

10. Miss Trinidad and Tobago

11. Miss Curaçao

12. Miss India

13. Miss Venezuela

14. Miss Spain

15. Miss USA

16. Miss Colombia

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