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Daniela Romo is part of the Peruvian film “Queens without a crown”

Daniela Romo is part of the Peruvian film “Queens without a crown”

Daniela Romo is part of the Peruvian film “Queens without a crown”

“Queens without a crown” is the new film that will be released on March 9, 2023. In this Peruvian film, produced by Sinargollas Producciones, the mexican actress will appear Daniela Romo and will share roles with Alexandra Graña, Francisca AronssonElena Romero, Edith Tapia and Claudio Calmet.

What will Queens Without a Crown be about?

The Peruvian film is written and directed by the journalist Gino Tassarawhich was shot between Peru and Mexico, and is inspired by real cases of multiple femicide cases in the country.

In this history Daniela Romo will have a controversial and controversial name character Deiphiliawho is an unscrupulous woman willing to turn a deaf ear to the mistreatment and abuse suffered by her daughter in order to receive money.

“I am delighted to have participated in this Peruvian film, especially to touch on a very important and delicate subject such as violence against women, which not only affects Peru but also Mexico. I believe that we must all be united to face this problem, it has been a pleasure to have shared and meet great artists such as Alexandra Graña, Edith Tapia, Francisca Aronsson, Elena Romero and Claudio Calmet, in addition to the great professionalism of Gino Tassara. It’s a story with a great message and we should all see the movie.” commented the renowned Mexican actress.

To shoot the scenes with the interpreter of great musical classics such as “I don’t ask you for the moon”, “Poor secretary”, “Fall in love with me”, among other topics. Daniela She was delighted with the professionalism of the production and the Peruvian actors, she also highlighted the great importance of the message of “Queens without a crown” film that seeks to raise awareness in society against the mistreatment of women and that the numbers of femicide in the country stop.

“It was difficult to contact Daniela at first, I wrote to her through her personal account on social networks and the truth is that I did not think that her manager was going to answer me because she is a career artist with a super busy schedule. When I sent her the script, I did not imagine that she would accept being part of this project, but she told me that she was impressed with the story, especially because she feels it is important to make this problem visible in society, not only in Peru but also in Mexico to prevent it from spreading. keep repeating more cases ”, said director Gino Tassara.

“A great professional Daniela, we didn’t have any problems with her. Super collaborative and willing to give everything with this controversial character that will surely arouse a lot of indignation ”, Tassara narrowed.

They are also part of the cast Rossana Fernández Maldonado, Elena Romero, Katia Salazar, Kukuli Morante, Matías Raygada, Omar García, Julio Marcone, Carlos Mesta, Mariano Ramírez, Anai Padilla, Edith Tapia, Gabriel González, Rosa Portugal, Renato Bonifaz and Karla Medina.

The script, written by Tassara Y Karla Velezmorowas the winner of an award for the fight for the elimination of violence against women Awarded by the Embassy of Canada in Peru in 2017.

Source: Elcomercio

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