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Lenny Kravitz: “I do what comes my way. I don’t worry about following trends” | VIDEO

As if he were an involuntary participant in the controversy generated by Leslie Shaw and his phrase “rock went out of style”, Lenny Kravitz He will say in this interview: “Rock is not dead”. The phone conversation lasted about 12 minutes, and the artist asked that he not be asked anything about donald trump, the show business hollywood and topics unrelated to his career, unless the singer of “Again”, during the talk, is encouraged to talk about extra-musical matters. The 54-year-old star will perform tomorrow at the Jockey Club.

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—The concert in Lima will be your first show in our country. I’m pretty excited. I can’t wait any longer and I mean it […]. I don’t want to sell anything, I’m going to experience your country for the first time. I go to celebrate life, love and music. I go to share, meet people, feel the culture as much as possible. I will be there open to anything and whatever happens.

—You have commented that “on your way you came across many incredible artists who gave you the education you needed.” Was there a specific artist that changed your perspective? I grew up listening to so much music that it’s hard for me to name just one person. I can say that it is not about an individual being, it is a group of people who influenced me and taught me so much. In any genre: jazz, reggae, soul, rock, country, blues and even classical music. So it is very difficult for me to choose just one artist. I really love music and that’s it.

—In your new album “Raise Vibration” (2018) there is a song called “Who Really Are the Monsters?”. Who is the real monster? I speak about our governments and also about us. It is a question, we have to look in the mirror and analyze what we are contributing, what we are destroying, what we are really doing. It is a questioning of who the real monsters are. Perhaps the time has come to look in the mirror and see if there is someone who is really doing something for the world.

—Your first album, “Let Love Rule”, celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. Your fans always say that your energy on stage is the same as when you started your career. I don’t think much about the issue of age and numbers. I still represent the same. I am thankful that God has blessed me with so much energy and health. I love being able to give everything I have.

—With success and fame, obstacles and vices appear. Is it possible to stay focused with so much noise or negative comments? Life is so. We all have some kind of path. People will always have a lot to say, but the important thing is to be yourself and no one else. Live your way and your life.

—Musicians like Joe Perry and Gene Simmons have said that “rock is dead.” How do you feel about this statement? There are hopes? Rock is not dead. It’s just not the most popular genre right now. It’s not the most played of all the music we have on the radio today. Things change, but he’s not dead. It is an art form that is quite powerful, despite what is currently going on. What people can feel with the energy of this genre is quite powerful.

—Any other musical genre that you have never been through and that you are curious about? No, I do what comes out or what is born to me. I don’t worry about following trends or what’s popular. I do what I feel. I’ve tried so many genres and styles, so I’m pretty happy.

—Fashion has been crucial in your career. Do you feel like a fashion icon? I think I’m no different from others. People tend to dress as they feel best and with the idea of ​​expressing their personality, their vibe. I love fashion, art. It has become quite natural for me. We all seek to represent our essence in some way.

“Family is important to you, too. You always mention her. Absolutely. I love my family and I love representing where I come from. My mother, my father, my grandparents and everyone who raised me is the most important thing. I am quite proud of my roots and where I come from.

—Do you think that at some point you will stop being considered a ‘sex symbol’? Are you comfortable with this title? I don’t think about it much. I will never do it. I just focus on thinking about music and art. I don’t think about that at all. While I’m flattered that people consider me that way and like what they see, it’s not a topic I think about or focus on.

MORE INFORMATION Place: Jockey Club of Peru, Surco. Date and Time: Wednesday 27, 8 pm Tickets: Teleticket.

Source: Elcomercio

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