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FMS PERU FINAL: the best rappers in Peru face off in a weekend full of freestyle

The FMS Peru is about to crown its official champion and the table can not be more fought. During these last few days, everything has happened: Jaze changed his aka to Toy Locazo, Stick to Anonymous, some rappers have confirmed their departure from the league and everything seems to indicate that the 2023 season is going to be hotter than ever.

This weekend will be full of freestyle events, from January 20 with Matchday 10 to be held at the Mall del Sur, going through the Federation Cup that will take place on Saturday January 21 to define promotion to the league and finally closing with a flourish on Sunday the 22nd with Day 11 and the end of the FMS Peru.

And, as expected, the road for all MC’s has been very difficult. Taking a quick look at the table shows that the difference between the first places is a few points and everything that happens this weekend could change everything. Currently, the table places Nekroos (21 points) in first place, Toy Lokazo (18 points) in second place and Anónimo (17 points) in third place.

Do Nekroos and Vijay retire from FMS Peru?

During the press conference for both days, which took place with Necroos Y Vijay in the offices of hype, Necroos He spoke a little about what is coming in the future for his career, giving indications that he would retire from the national competitive scene to concentrate on what he is passionate about, the music:

“What’s coming for that, it’s just music, I don’t know if…internationally I’m sure I’ll continue competing but…I don’t know what happened, you understand, I haven’t talked anything like that with the boys about continuing or not continuing, I haven’t thought about it either, I’m just thinking about what I want to do now, but what if it’s a lot of music”.

For his part, Vijay commented that his battle with Ghost it’s one of the hardest he’s going to have this weekend and since he thinks he’s so underrated on the scene he deserves so much more. In addition, he also gave indications of a retirement to concentrate on other projects, since he is changing his aka to explore a facet like DJ:

“My battle with Ghost is a very difficult battle, I respect Ghoist a lot and he is an MC who I think deserves much more than what he has now (…). I really don’t think he will be in the next season, but I think I would like to see crazy formats that make you experience freestyling that is undeniable that you are freestyling ”.

Although the scores are very close, the FMS format is complex, and all of them will need to do their best to become the 2022-2023 FMS National Champion. To date, there are still tickets to attend this Peruvian freestyle party that can be obtained through Joinnus.

What would rappers have to do to be able to reach the podium? The same organization did an analysis of the most likely to be champion and this is what has to happen for each one, from advancing with a direct victory, to depending on the results of other MC’s to be able to continue as the top positions.

What does Toy Locazo need to be the FMS Peru champion?

What does Anonymous (Stick) need to be champion of the FMS Peru?

What does Nekroos need to be the FMS Peru champion?

Source: Elcomercio

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