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Eva Ayllón and finalist of “La Voz Kids” shared the stage at the Canout Theater

Eva Ayllon he continues to innovate on stage in each musical presentation he performs. This time, she surprised her followers by singing a duet with Facundo Sanz, a finalist who was part of his team in the most recent edition of “La Voz Kids.”

The ‘maestra’ joined a duet with Facundo Sanz on the stage of the Canout Theater and surprised with the songs “I was covando” and “Ingá”, with which she began the musical day, which was accompanied by choreographies by the brothers Eder and Gusell Campos.

After a first stage with the most popular songs from her repertoire, Eva Ayllón announced her guest, who at 11 years old had no problem going on stage to sing with the emblematic national artist.

“Last month I had a beautiful creature as a finalist, I had 24 participants and I was left with only one and as I promised: I have the honor of having Facu Sanz here… He is 11 years old and has all the desire in the world to succeed. That’s how I started, at the age of 11, in a contest. Of course it went badly for me, I didn’t even finish in second place”, Eve remembered.

“First place is not always the best, I have not heard the winning theme again. That is what I want for you, with love, respect, affection and admiration.” Eva Ayllón told Sanz. Both sang a duet “Where you go.” Then, accompanied by the musical framework of the ‘teacher’, the minor interpreted “When my guitar cries”.

For his part, Facu Sanz assured that he felt honored to have shared the stage with Eva Ayllón. In addition, the young man revealed that at the end of February he plans to premiere his second song, his version of “Presumptuous Black”, where he will play various percussion instruments.

Source: Elcomercio

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