EntertainmentLaury Thilleman disguises herself as a dinosaur ... Chrissy...

Laury Thilleman disguises herself as a dinosaur … Chrissy Teigen celebrates 50 days of sobriety …


September 6, 2021

Christina Aguilera poses topless to announce her next gig

Christina Aguilera will perform next weekend at the Ladyland Festival and to announce the concert, the star has recreated the cover art for her 2002 album, Stripped, on which she was topless. “A week before the Ladyland Festival, who will be there? She asked her Instagram followers. The Ladyland Festival will take place on September 11 in Brooklyn. Besides Christina Aguilera, who will be the headliner, we can find Caroline Polachek, or Nina Sky.

Laury Thilleman disguises himself as a dinosaur

Chrissy Teigen celebrates 50 days of sobriety

Chrissy Teigen has been sober for fifty days! The star was moved by her success on Instagram, revealing that without “some glitches with the wine”, she would have reached a year of abstinence. “Today is my 50th day of sobriety! It should be almost a year but I had a few (wine) glitches on the road. This is my longest period to date! I still don’t know if I’ll never drink again, but I know it doesn’t serve me in any way anymore, ”she explains, adding that the effects of alcohol are no longer suitable for her.

“I get sick, fall asleep and wake up sick, after missing out on what was probably a fun night,” she adds.


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