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“I was looking for a role to return to my first love, comedy,” says Julie de Bona


After many dramatic fictions (Plan B, The Bazaar of Charity, Where Learn to love you), Julie de Bona returns in a romantic comedy, a genre in which she moves like a fish in water. In I like it to lie, miniseries in two parts broadcast this Tuesday at 9:05 pm, the actress embodies the petulant Zoe, who meets via an application the man of her life, Robinson (Samir Boitard), father of two young children.

Their romance lasts a few hours, before Robinson falls into a coma following an epileptic seizure. At the hospital, the crazy Zoe pretends to be his girlfriend and finds herself taking care of the two children of a man she barely knows. What will happen when Robinson wakes up? Meet Julie de Bona, who sparkles in this refreshing romantic comedy.

What did you like about the “I love it to lie” project?

I was looking for a role to return to my first love, acting. It’s quite rare to have a good comedy, well paced, interesting and original! I fell in love with the character and for this unexpected, original and a little funny story. Lately I’ve been doing a lot of dramas and that’s exactly what I wanted to do to change register, have fun and lighten my heart!

Romantic comedy is rare on the screens, why do you think?

I think it’s very hard to write! It’s meticulous work on the timing and structure of the script. In romantic comedies, there are codes and you have to find springs to surprise the viewer. These codes are obstacles, which means that we sometimes go in circles. The fact that in I like it to lie, the protagonist is in a coma most of the time, I found that original. It was daring, not at all expected.

How would you describe Zoe?

This girl is a tangy candy. She is the best friend that we dream of having because she embellishes everyday life, de-dramatizes and has the magical power to make people happy, joyful. You don’t get bored with her, she kills boredom to make it wonderful.

Zoe has something childish …

Zoe is extraordinary because with her nothing is serious and life is a playground. With her, it is the world of the marvelous, of the fantasy. She makes everyday life funny and whimsical. Zoe is an “adulescent”. She does not have a sense of responsibility, nor that of commitment. She’s approaching her forties and tells herself that she’s going to have to grow up and build a story. She seduced me because we all have this fantasy that life is a playground, that nothing is serious. She is light and inspiring, you want to be her best friend.

Zoe also has a look of her own …

There again, it’s a game. She puts on whatever she wants, like a floral shirt and a big colorful sweater, her coat that comes from the second-hand clothes, that she doesn’t let go… There is something there. childhood and disguise. She didn’t let go.

Zoe has been abandoned by her father and falls head over heels in love with a single dad …

I built my whole character on it! Some tell me that she is an erotomaniac, for me it is a real love story. The abandonment of her dad, at the age of 7, means that she is stuck in childhood. She is still waiting for him to come back and remain happy, childish. It is his mode of survival. When she meets this man, who has been abandoned by his wife and who has not let go of his responsibilities and stayed with his two children, for her, that fills something very strong. The man of his life is him. It is very sincere! For her who is afraid that the guy is leaving, falling in love with a guy who falls into a coma, it’s great. He is not going to leave and that reassures her.

And Robinson, why does he fall in love with Zoe?

He needs lightness, someone who brings fantasy into his life, because he’s too serious.

We feel a beautiful alchemy between you and Samir Boitard, which you will find after “Le Secret d’Elise” …

The meeting between Zoe and Robinson is quick, it had to sound like a no-brainer. It was not easy ! With Samir, we get along very well, we are friends in life. This is the third time that we tour together. It was pretty obvious between us.

Did you have any romantic comedy credentials to play Zoe?

My favorite romantic comedy actresses are Julia Robert and Cameron Diaz. They really master the codes and have this freshness, this spontaneity … The wedding of my best friend, Julia Roberts’ character does awful things, and yet we love her anyway. I wanted to try to get this with Zoe. His lies get a little creepy and pathetic, but we had to love him anyway.

Zoé is disappointed with dating apps, how do you see these technologies?

I haven’t had the opportunity to be single in a world where it’s hard to meet. Fortunately, because I don’t know what I would have done! We must not neglect them, continue to meet and “match”. I have not experienced it, but I find it quite cruel, because one judges very quickly on very external things. But in a bar, we also judge on the physical and the first words spoken. Apps are putting pressure, it’s not easy! I find that apps like We’re Going Out, which bring people together with a common passion, are smarter than apps for matching. Meetings around an activity seem easier to me to discuss perhaps more spontaneously.

We will soon see you on France 2 in the TV movie “Getting naked”, on a woman victim of “revenge porn” …

After I like it to lie, I wanted to get involved in a strong social issue. It is very serious the effects that this creates on the image of oneself, the identity. It is a real rape of the image. With one click, you can destroy a person’s life. Naked, it is preventive, it is a social issue that must be talked about. TV makes it possible to reach people who would not necessarily have heard of it, or understood it in this way. We are all in the picture today, it is important and useful to make a TV movie on this theme. -the. I was called very early in the shoot. We worked well with the producers, the directors on the screenplay. We were able to make proposals. And I was put a great partner in the role of the narcissistic pervert, Julien Boisselier, who was great.

In the biopic “Stolen Service”, soon on TF1, you will tackle another topical issue by playing the tennis player Isabelle Demongeot, who revealed to have suffered for nine years the rapes of her trainer from the age of 14 to 23 years…

I chained the two projects. There, we tackle a much more violent and topical question. At the same time, the skater Sarah Abitbol, ​​the gymnasts… They all started talking. Isabelle de Mongeot is the first to denounce her trainer. She is a pioneer. It takes a lot of strength because we were not yet aware of either the omerta, or the influence of coaches in the world of sport. It’s easy to get hold of a child. It is essential to talk about it so that parents realize that they must be vigilant when they entrust their children to a trainer. Isabelle de Mongeot is fighting for this. It is the struggle of a woman, admirable.

You also found your partners from the “Bazar de la charité” on the set of “Combattantes” soon on TF1. Can you tell us a couple of words about this miniseries?

The Bazaar of Charity It was such a great adventure that on set, producer Iris Bucher, whom I adore, told me that we had to redo something, but not a sequel. The story of Bazaar, it was beautiful, but curly. She wanted to find the same actresses to talk about the place of women in society at another time. Audrey [Fleurot], Camille [Lou] and me, we went for it. The miniseries is directed by the same director, Alexandre Laurent. He also realized Elise’s Secret. It’s a bit of a family team. The actress Sofia Essaïdi joined us, we were very happy to welcome her. I loved her job and was delighted to meet her. They wrote me a role of Mother Superior welcoming the wounded during WWI. “I said ‘ok’, you imagined me as a mother superior. But why ? (Laughs). Alexandre Laurent told me: “This will suit you too well, you will be superb”. In It’s a mess, I had a rather astonishing role of big burnt. In The Fighters, I have a very beautiful character, who will go through great doubts and question his faith in the midst of war.


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