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Atina and Yahaira Plasencia: “Disappointed” has already premiered

The first musical collaboration between the Peruvian singers Atina and Yahaira Plasencia It is now available on music platforms. Along with the single “Disappointed”, the official video clip was released, which can now be seen on Atina’s YouTube channel. The sticky urban style sauce promises to become the musical ‘boom’ of the season.

Throughout his short but fruitful career, which started early, atina (20) has stood out for composing all his songs. Among his creations we have heard bachata, merengue, reggaeton, ballads and more. The studies of him in The New School of Jazz and Contemporary Music, Made in New York; and her singing and composition studies, which she is currently studying at the prestigious University Berklee College of Music, in Boston, they give you ample license to explore and fuse different rhythms.

Along these lines, together with the media Yahaira Plasencia, atina presents this new version of his song “disappoints”, which begins with a catchy ranchero rhythm, goes through salsa and merges with urban music. The lyric of the theme -in the same style as a tiradera- blames bad friends for causing him great disappointment. “A big disappointment was the engine that inspired me to write this song. I felt a deep disappointment that turned into frustration”, says atina from your source of inspiration.

Excited about this release, atina also reveals that he invited Yahaira plasencia to collaborate on this project because she is a complete artist. She “she Not only does she have a beautiful voice, but she dances amazing. She has been present throughout the song process. He messes with everything. In addition, she has that hoarseness in her voice that makes Peruvian salsa ‘power’, as I wanted this song to be. I am very happy with the result ”, she refers.


House of Hits Peruproduction house leadered by alfredo di natalewas in charge of making the video clip for “Disappointed”. “Together with a team from Ingenios Producciones, in charge of the recordings, Alfredo traveled to Boston. Yahaira also joined us there. The rehearsals prior to the recordings were made in the berklee universitywhich is very close to where I live in the US,” says Atina.

Like a big stage atina and Yahaira they had a snow day. Among the locations were a rooftop, an apartment; and, the streets and harbor of Boston. It should be noted that the production of the feat “Disappoints” was in charge of the Peruvian paulo morales and the mixing and mastering in the hands of the talented Venezuelan producer Alfredo Matheus, winner of five awards Latin Grammys and a ‘Anglo’ Grammys.

While continuing his studies at the berklee university, atina He uses his free time to continue developing his music. “Honestly, I’m past my experimentation stage. Now, I have decided to merge urban music with Latin rhythms like reggaeton or salsa… because it gives me freedom to create. After “Disappointed”, another urban fusion is coming. They’ll find out”, advances the young singer.

listen here “Disappointed”:

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