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SierraVamos Festival: Music and Culture in the Andes presents Daniela Darcourt, Milena Warthon and more

The most important and representative musical festival of the Andes “SierraVamos” returns in its fifth edition this Thursday, April 6 and Friday, April 7 in Ayacucho with a luxury line up led by Rabanes from Panama and with national figures such as the Queen of Salsa Daniela Darcourt and the winner of the Gaviota de Plata de Viña del Mar Milena Wharton.

This festival is not only considered the most representative for the people of Ayacucho, but also promotes responsible tourism in the city and, above all, focuses on keeping the culture alive in this region with its innumerable and different artistic expressions.

Rabanes from Panama visits us after his participation in Viña del Mar and about to launch his new album by the renowned Cuban producer Emilio Estefan. The festival also has the Peruvian band Barrio Calavera, Cholopower and the popular DJ Cano on billboards. Together with them, the participation of emerging artists such as Miguel Lamas, Micaela Salaverry, André Rey; among other local artists from Ayacuchano.

As is known, the event produced by Rockass Online Music attracts the attention of more than 45,000 tourists who turn to Ayacucho, becoming the focus of attention during Holy Week in Peru. Not in vain, Ayacucho also surrenders to religion and for this reason this region is considered by travelers as a total experience, thus becoming the Best Holy Week in America; as well as the second in the world after Seville, in Spain.

The animation will be in charge of the Ayacuchana actress and comedian, much loved in that region, The Chola Puca. The festival will take place on the esplanade of the Don José rooster coliseum. Tickets are now available at

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Source: Elcomercio

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