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Fito Olivares, creator of “Juana la cubana”, passed away at the age of 75

The musician Fito Olivares, creator of cumbia hits such as “Juana, la cubana” and “El Colesterol”, has died at the age of 75. The news was confirmed last Friday, March 17, by his wife, who offered an interview to Raúl Brindis.

In the conversation, Fito Olivares’s wife announced that the saxophonist and composer died after being diagnosed with plasma cell cancer at a very advanced stage.

“He never knew, neither I nor anyone else imagined that he could have cancer, he was diagnosed about eight months ago, but we also did not imagine how serious it was going to be. The doctors gave him a while, they told him that many months, so, thank God, he lasted a little longer than the doctors told us, but his cancer was already very advanced,” counted.

It is a cancer called multiple myeloma and not many people know what it is, but it is a cancer that affects the white cells, the bone marrow, the bones, and yes, he was already very weak.”, added.

According to what he said, the musician’s health began to get complicated in the last three days, he spent sleeping and without eating. Last Friday, March 17, he passed away after an arduous fight.

“It was two weeks ago when he began to decline a little more, and there came a time when he was almost asleep all day, he ate well and everything, but three days from now he began not to wake up, not eat, not anything, but He did recognize me, he recognized the boys, he smiled when they came to see him, he heard their voices and he knew who they were.” revealed.

As recalled, in 2022, the musician had been admitted to the hospital and it was at that time that he was diagnosed with cancer in a very advanced state, for which he returned home where he died on March 17.

Source: Elcomercio

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