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Aurora: everything about the expected show tonight in Lima

Loved by many and hated by few. norwegian singer dawn will be presented for the first time in Peru in a single-date concert that is positioned as the most anticipated event in March. The complete success of the pre-sale and the sold out a few weeks after the sale was announced by the Teleticket platform will be reflected tonight in a packed Amphitheater of the Parque de la Exposición.

The Norwegian singer Aurora Aksnes, known in the musical world as Aurora, made her musical debut with her single “Puppet” at the young age of 16 and later released “Awakening” and “Under Stars”, two songs that already showed a tendency for dramatic pop and lyrics that expressed her genuine interest in contributing something more to her songs, the latter earned her the title of “promising artist” within the Norwegian music scene.

It would not be until 2015 that he would reveal his particular musical proposal in the EP “Running with the Wolves”, a record that would achieve great acceptance by the public and be praised by critics. Within this album is one of her most popular songs “Runaway”, a song that internationalized Aurora’s career and made her the winner of the Spellemannprisen, considered the Norwegian Grammy, in the Best New Artist category. In addition to the awards, the theme was used in the final episode of the television drama “The Following” and in an episode of the series “Teen Wolf”.

Before the end of the year, his musical successes continued with the release of “Murder Song (5, 4, 3, 2, 1)”, a song that talks about murder committed out of love, while the song displays a series of sounds that They provide mystique and tension. The following year, the artist would release her first LP “All My Demons Greeting Me as a Friend”, an album that was praised by critics and where she would consolidate her style showing a display of varied musical instruments that are accompanied by her particular voice that captivates the audience. public.

That year the artist would also star in her own documentary “Nothing is Eternal” directed by Isaac Ravishankara and produced by The Fader. Later, in 2017, Aurora would again be nominated for the Spellemannprisen awards where she would win the category of Best Pop Soloist and Best Music Video for the video clip of the song “I Went Too Far”. This same year the singer would have her first world tour “All My Demons Tour” and she would announce the preparation of a second LP of hers.

For 2018, the first part of his second studio album called “Infections of a Different Kind (Step 1)” was released, an album that had great support from the LGTB + community for the video clip of the first track “Queendom”, a video on that the singer kisses one of her dancers. On the other hand, Aurora is especially fond of the eighth track “Infections of a Different Kind” on what she describes as “the most important song she’s ever written”:

In 2019 she released the second part of her second album “A Different Kind of Human (Step 2)” which had tribal sounds accompanied by lyrics more related to political protests and that revealed part of Aurora’s thought. That same year she participated in the animated film “Frozen” giving life to “La Voz del Norte”, in addition to composing a song “Into the Unknown” for the soundtrack, the latter making her enter the Billboard Hot 100 for the first time. .

After three years, the artist would release “The Gods We Can Touch”, the third studio album that uses Greek mythology as the basis of the songs that talk about different topics related to the human. These themes will cover a large part of the setlist that will be heard tonight at the Parque de la Exposición Amphitheater

Who will open the show?

Before starting the concert, Thea Wang, a singer who shares the same nationality as Aurora and who made her musical debut with the album “While He Is Still Asleep” (2022), will be in charge of engaging the public in a dreamy acoustic world through of short stories about love, pain, longing and loneliness, which makes it a perfect match for tonight.

In addition to being praised by critics, the singer also has her own elements that will allow attendees to enjoy a night full of music and emotions, with two artists who have left their mark on the world of music with their talent and style. only.

Thea Wang will be the one to open the first Aurora concert in Peru (Photo: @theamilie)

Where to enter?

In a map published on their social networks and on the official Teleticket page, you can see where to enter this concert at the Parque de la Exposición Amphitheater.

Ticket for the Aurora concert in the Parque de la Exposición

set list

The setlist will keep the classics like “Runaway” and “Murder Song (5, 4, 3, 2, 1)”, as well as several songs from their most recent album, among which are songs like: “The Forbidden Fruits of Eden” , “Everything Matters” (featuring Pomme), “Giving in to the Love”, “Cure for Me”, “You Keep Me Crawling”, “Exist for Love”, “Heathens”, “The Innocent”, “Exhale Inhale” , “A Temporary High”, “A Dangerous Thing”, “Artemis”, “Blood in the Wine”, “This Could Be a Dream” and “A Little Place Called the Moon”.

Tickets have been sold out for several weeks, as the Norwegian singer is currently one of the artists who have positioned herself very well in the digital world and who will now visit Peru, for a single date, in a show that promises to fill the venue with mysticism. Exposition Park.

Source: Elcomercio

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