EntertainmentElijah Wood explains why he escaped stardom

Elijah Wood explains why he escaped stardom


Elijah Wood has made a name for himself in Hollywood without going through the news section, unlike many child stars. The actor has a good explanation for this: he grew up in a solid environment. Two things are essential, according to him, not to get lost when you find yourself in the spotlight at a young age: knowing who you are before you start and having a stable family around you.

“If you think about the pitfalls, many arise because people don’t know who they are, they don’t have a strong knowledge of who they are and where they belong. Besides having a stable family life, these are two essential things. If you don’t have that then you are suddenly defined by what other people tell you about yourself – by what the industry tells you you are. So the way you see yourself is not real. (…) But if you are anchored in a form of reality, and that you know who you are, that there is love in your life, it is good. You are sort of shielded against most things, ”he told the British daily. Independent.

Be well surrounded

Elijah Wood started his career at age 7, like many in advertising. His first major role came very quickly, in 1990, with Avalon by Barry Levinson. The actor then went through the films, without making waves, and was able to make the transition to adulthood, once again without any worries, immortalizing Frodo in the Peter Jackson adaptation of the Lord of the Rings and of Bilbo and the Hobbit. He recently starred in the reboot of The Toxic Avenger with 14-year-old Jacob Tremblay in the cast. And the one who is now 40 years old does not worry about the future of the young actor who, like him, seems to be well surrounded.

“Jacob’s mom asked me, ‘You’ve been there, do you have any advice?’ I replied, “Just asking me the question is great. You get it! Worried about the well-being of your child and how he or she may be doing? Everything is going to be okay. Don’t worry.” “, he added


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