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The creator of “Sopranos” is already thinking of a sequel to the prequel


Fans of the series The Sopranos had to wait almost 14 years before they had any new adventures to watch with the prequel The Many Saints of Newark, and they might have another good surprise soon. David Chase, the creator of the cult series who co-wrote this film in theaters on November 2, is keen to continue the adventure.

“When I started (the movie), the studio was talking about doing a sequel, and I was like ‘In your dreams.’ And now that I’ve seen the movie and they really like it, they’re not talking about doing a sequel anymore, but the only way I’m going to do that is if Terry and I write the script together. A sequel to the film. In other words, what happens after the end of this movie and before the start of the series, ”David Chase told Deadline, referring to Terence Winter, executive producer and co-writer of Soprano.

Tony Soprano in his twenties

More than an idea thrown in the air, David Chase seems to have already thought a lot about the possible frame. “With Tony in his twenties. It would be interesting to do and there are a lot of stories that already exist because of the mythology. Working with Terry would be great. Him and me in this universe again, we had a great time. I will not do it alone, or with someone else, ”he insists, adding that he has“ worked on a script for a year, but I haven’t finished yet ”.

Terence Winter was not involved in The Many Saints of Newark, which focuses on the journey of Dickie Moltisanti, father of Christopher, Tony Soprano’s right-hand man in the series. It remains for Warner, which owns the rights to the franchise, to make a decision. “If Warner wants to do it, it’s up to them, they can do whatever they want,” adds David Chase.


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