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Gonzalo Torres and Wendy Ramos, actors of “Pataclaun”, and the challenge of making “The Year of the Tiger”

The cast of “pataclaun” meets again and this time with the backing of Disney. Carlos Alcantara, Gonzalo Torres and Wendy Ramos are part of the new film “The Year of the Tiger”, a Dominican production by director Yasser Michelén that opens in theaters next Thursday, March 30.

The plot revolves around a couple who own a chifa that is doing pretty badly. They will have to overcome obstacles such as a corrupt municipal inspector, a tough moneylender, neighborhood gossip and more. [problemas]”, comments Torres in conversation with El Comercio. He shared some details about his experience in the film and the challenges he faced while filming, along with Wendy Ramos, who has a small but prominent role.

Despite the fact that comedy stands out as a genre, the film can also be classified as a suspense thriller that covers controversial topics such as infidelity, rape and even death itself. The various angles help to captivate the viewer’s attention, but they also scared off the actors upon receiving the script.

When I received the script I was scared, because it was very strange, it could go very badly or very well. I took a risk and accepted. I went to see the movie praying to God, but I really liked the end resultRamos said about his experience on the tape.

Both highlighted the work of the production and also spoke about the criticism that they always hire the same actors in Peruvian films: “They say the same ones always come out, but have you seen all the movies? If you don’t want to see here, go look there, if you don’t want to see us, go there, there’s a lot of movies you’re not seeing”, argued the writer of “Diary of a stray cow”.

Although the film will soon be available on Star+, they insist that the Peruvian public go see it in theaters to enjoy the experience on the big screen. At the moment, Disney has not announced the release date on its streaming platform.

Source: Elcomercio

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