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Susana Baca regains her strength before starting her tour: “My case can help many people who have something similar”

It gave us a scare. Weeks ago, the interpreter Susan Baca He had uploaded a video to social networks where he announced, with his rigorous and light blue patient gown from the Rebagliati Hospital, that he was going to undergo surgery. Beyond the natural concern, we also felt pride for an artist who gave an example of her: going through a bad moment, she had decided to share her case with her audience, so that other people with the same condition as hers could take awareness of her. To save lives, the topic of urinary infections must be discussed without complexes.

My case can be useful to many people who have something similar”, tells us the interpreter. Weeks ago, Baca had commented to a friend how depleted her energy felt and how difficult it was for her to heal from her infections. She recommended that he see an expert urologist, Dr. Romualdo Pacheco, former head of urology at Rebagliati. The CT scan detected the problem: a fistula installed between her colon and her bladder. The doctor told her that if she did not have surgery immediately, her life was at risk.

My colon and my bladder were dancing a bolero, and I wanted to play a cumbia for them to separate”, now comments the former Minister of Culture with humor. Although showing visible thinness, she claims to feel completely renewed after the seven-hour surgical intervention. “I had surgery at the Rebaliati hospital, whose surgery area is of the highest level. It was a very long operation, carried out by two doctors who were passionate about my case, Dr. Nazario, and Dr. Ortega. They encouraged me to have surgery and I dared”, he points out.


We visited the artist in her apartment in Chorrillos to present her with the Luces Award for the Best Non-Fiction Work of the Year, her autobiography “I am selling to leave my heart”, which means her first literary recognition. “I’m new to this!”, She points out excitedly. “I am very pleased because we have worked on this book with great patience and strength, remembering a lot. Things have fallen by the wayside. You couldn’t put everything. When I finished, I wondered if I had really lived all that. I’m very tired!”, he confesses, recovering his strength.

Forces that he will need to undertake a new concert tour in Europe, at the beginning of April, with Portugal as the first stop. He will then travel to London to sign a new contract with the “Real Word” label, of the notable British musician Peter Gabriel. “My heart will always be with David Byrne’s Luaka Bop, but my last record “Urgent Words” came out with Real Word. She has now produced the album “Mujeres dotadas”, a gathering of the most celebrated female performers. Peter called David, and since they are great friends, he told him that they wanted me for that compilation. And there I am then”, he says happily.

Susana has resumed rehearsals with the group of musicians with whom she is preparing the tour. The day of our visit was the first to see them after a month and a half, a time of the rigors before and after surgery. Now, Susana Baca feels that recovering her voice will be essential to finish her healing: “I sang a song with them, but I couldn’t hold my voice properly. She cut me off because she was so excited. My diaphragm has dedicated itself to the high life! she confesses her. But after a pause, she adds firmly: “

Source: Elcomercio

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