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Armonía 10 prepares to offer a special concert for Labor Day

the national grouping harmony 10 He has been working hard preparing for his upcoming concerts, including a special one that will mark the preamble to the celebrations for Labor Day. The show will take place next Saturday, April 29 at the Arena Bar in Barranco.

Although they continue to work on their development as an orchestra, Armonía 10 has not put aside their social work, so a few days ago they brought help to the victims of the 26 de Octubre district in Piura, who were affected by heavy rains.

“We bring a little hope to our countrymen from ‘UPIS 13 de Noviembre’ in the 26 de Octubre district, Piura, an area totally abandoned by the authorities, where its residents tell us that they were left under water due to the intense rains that have presented, in the north”, the group commented on Instagram.

Likewise, the Piurana band also asked other musical groups to join the good cause and collaborate with the people who need it most in these difficult times.

“Bringing them help has given them back their hope, for this reason, we invite all the music companies and those who could, to come and contribute their grain of sand with these people who need it so much. We recognize that we owe it to the people who listen to and dance to our songs and who attend the concerts, now is the time to repay all the support they have been giving us for 51 years.” they specified.

It should be noted that Armonía 10 is one of the best-known orchestras in the country, which is why they prepare the best of their repertoire for the concert on April 29 at Arena Bar in Barranco. The show will start at 8 pm Tickets are on sale through teleticket.

Source: Elcomercio

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