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Carla Bruni offers herself a detox cure … James Middleton and Alizée Thévenet got married …


September 13, 2021

Kelsey Grammer pays tribute to the co-creator of “Fraser”

David Angell, the co-creator of Fraser, died in the terrorist attack of September 11, and Kelsey Grammer paid tribute to him on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary. The creator and screenwriter was a passenger on American Airline Flight 11, the first to collide with one of the World Trade Center towers. “That day is a loss that I will always remember. I was woken up by a friend who lives in New York. He told me “they got us, they got us, they shot down the World Trade Center.” I turned on the TV, and saw what was going on. I remember I invited David and his wife to a party that weekend. I spoke to him on Saturday. He told me “Oh, we wanted to go home, but we will stay a few days, we will be back on Tuesday”. I think I remember thinking to myself, “Oh, Lord, I hope this isn’t the robbery he was going to take from home”, and then of course I found out it was. (…) He was a wonderful screenwriter. It was also a really nice ars. It was great knowing him, so losing him was something everyone felt like a bullet in the stomach, ”the show’s lead actor told Deadline.

James Middleton and Alizée Thévenet got married

Carla Bruni offers herself a detox cure

Carla Bruni takes time for herself, to “detox” her “body and soul”. She seems very happy at the Clinique de la Prairie, whom she thanks on Instagram for their “welcome” and their “kindness”. The singer seems to flourish in the vegetation and to recover, in particular at the “vitality bar”. This cure in the great outdoors seems to have done the greatest good to Carla Bruni. A “total detox”, she affirms, adding in hashtag “vegan” and “vegan recipes”.


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