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Samuel Benchetrit is still in love with his wife Vanessa Paradis


Samuel Benchetrit is so in love with Vanessa Paradis that he wrote a play for her. The director (and director, therefore) created the leading role of the interpreter of Joe Le Taxi on the boards, with Mom, presented at the Edouard VII theater since September 14. And on the occasion of the launch of the show, he spoke with Release on his relationship with the one who has been his wife for three years.

The least we can say is that Samuel Benchetrit is full of praise for the chosen one of his heart. “She’s the most beautiful person I have ever met,” he explains, describing her as a “humble, caring, very well brought up” person.


Samuel Benchetrit and Vanessa Paradis seem to have a hard time staying away from each other, as they also worked together on the filmmaker’s upcoming film, This music doesn’t play for anyone. And if the latter recognizes that he needs to go “quickly, so as not to be in the labor” as soon as he works, he has found in his wife a perfectly complementary collaborator. “It is clear, precise, hard worker,” he added in the interview with the daily.

For those who cannot go to the theater to admire the work of the star, This music doesn’t play for anyone, a film for which Vanessa Paradis will share the poster with Bouli Lanners, François Damiens, JoeyStarr and Ramzy Bedia, will be released on September 29.




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