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“A Midsummer Night’s Dream”: Shakespeare’s classic does not need dialogue in the magical proposal of the National Ballet of Peru

The wedding march composed by Felix Mendelssohn resounds firmly at the Grand National Theater with the staging “A Midsummer Night’s Dream and choreographers”. It is a proposal from National Ballet which, in addition to paying homage to the classic William Shakespearemelds classical and modern ballet techniques to immerse us in a world where animal transformations and fairy antics unleash a series of comical mix-ups.

Under the direction of the teacher Grace Cobián, the cast displays a show in which passion, jealousy and love affairs will be intertwined in an impressive choreographic dance. “On this occasion, the teachers and I have created our own version of the stage display, giving the work a unique and fresh touch, which has made it more interesting for everyone”, comments Cobián.

Cobián also highlights the mysticism of the presentation, achieved thanks to the combination of scenery, costumes and audiovisual projections. “We will transport the public to the enchanted forests and palaces of Athens recreating the images that Shakespeare captured in his work”, explains Rina Barrantes and Maria José Hernández

The cast is made up of more than 40 dancers, including Rina Barrantes, Maria José Hernández, Alfredo Ibález, Ariam León, Luis García, Damián Medina, Marber Llorens, Deborah Karcher, Santiago Gil and Jesús Luzuriaga.

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And what does that allusion to about the choreographers in the title? As the director explains, the first part of the show will be a platform for the talented members of the company to show their creativity and artistic skills. The choreographies “Resiliencia” by Marber Llorens, “Musa” by María del Mar Llontop, “Ecos de amor” by Cobián herself and “Syncronia” by Gabriela Paliza complement the main presentation, adding a rich artistic diversity to the experience.

Kimberly Laura and Luis García give life to Helena and Demetrio, two lovers oblivious to the perversity of life.

“This work marks an important milestone for the National Ballet of Peru, since it is the first face-to-face season at the Gran Teatro Nacional this year,” says the teacher. Previously, we had a decentralized season in other theaters, where we invited schools and carried out educational functions. It was a total success.”

The positive reception is consistent with what Cobián describes as a growing reception trend for ballet in recent months. An accessible cultural alternative that captivates audiences of all ages. “I think that ballet offers a form of entertainment with which viewers can disconnect a bit from their daily lives. And I am sure that they will like this comedy specifically, as it is suitable for all audiences, ”she comments.

Rina Barrantes is Titania, the sovereign of the fairies who represents beauty and feminine power.

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The play will be presented from June 22 to 25 at the Gran Teatro Nacional (Javier Prado Este 2225, San Borja). Tickets are available at Joinnus and at the theater box office. There is a discount for children under 17 years of age, over 60 years of age, university students and higher institutes, and teachers of public educational institutions.

Source: Elcomercio

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