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“Transformers: The Awakening of the Beasts”: Is it worth seeing it beyond being set in Peru? | CRITICISM

“My country, my country!” Says the meme where Homer Simpson, red and white in hand, celebrates the role that Peru plays in “Transformers: Rise of the Beasts” (“Rise of the Beasts”), the latest installment of the blockbuster saga. A meme that may well represent all Peruvians. The generous and historic box office guarantees that millions of eyes will see our archaeological and natural wonders on the screen. Still, one question remains: Is this a good movie?

“Transformers: Rise of the Beasts”

The plot

The autobots led by Optimus Prime (Peter Cullen) search for a key that can take them back to their planet, Cybertron. When the same item is coveted by the terrorcons to benefit their leader, Unicron, the mechanical beings need to rely on the skills of humans like Elena Wallace (Dominique Fishback) and Noah Diaz (Anthony Ramos) to ensure their survival and that of the Land.

The role of Peru

Cusco, Peru, is the place where the autobots look for the other half of the key needed to return to Cybertron. they shine Macchu Picchu, the Plaza de Armas, the Bajada de Santa Ana and the Coricancha. Likewise, the Tarapoto jungle plays a role. Neighbors from Cusco were hired as extras to recreate a festivity.

The climax of the film also occurs in the country, where autobots, maximals and terrorcons hit each other. Two thirds of the film are set in Peru, a long time, comparable to the role played by Brazil in “Fast and Furious 5control” (“Fast 5”). Above all, this filming took place between September and October 2021, in the midst of the sanitary restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and despite the few incentives for foreign filming in the country, speaks of the interest on the part of the production of have Peru as a stage. I don’t remember any other foreign film that showed Peru with such respect, without exoticism or confusion with Mesoamerican cultures that have nothing to do with this corner of the world. On that side, no complaints.

Arcee and Wheeljack in an action scene from "Transformers: Rise of the Beasts."

the dramatic core

Like in every movie transformers so far, it is the robots who star alongside humans; they are the reason why people go to the rooms. In a way, its importance makes humans look secondary. In other films in the saga, the action carried out by the autobots is an excuse to bypass narrative logic, with unconvincing results, while other aspects are also neglected, such as the existence of characters lacking in empathy with the viewer, another audiovisual sin. .

“The Awakening of the Beasts” is concerned with building leading characters without implying sacrificing action sequences. On the one hand, there is Optimus Prime’s relationship with his autobots, of which he plays the role of protector rather than leader; of brother before general. At the other extreme are the humans, where the character of Noah Díaz stands out.

Anthony Ramos offers a correct performance as the acting hero, but without being a hardhead; he is the heart of the story. The same cannot be said of Dominique Fishback’s Elena, whose role is simply to carry the story from one place to another. But humans, autobots and maximals win when compared to terrorcons, one-dimensional villains, charmless, stuffy bad guys. Its only function is to hinder the good guys. They don’t even stand out for the vocal work of Peter Dinklage as the Rusty Scourge.

The origin of the conflict

About the next movie

After this film, the “Transformers” saga will return to the cinema with a film about the origin of the conflicts between the autobots and their eternal enemies, the decepticons. Set on the planet Cybertron, it will feature the voices of Chris Hemsworth (Optimus), Scarlett Johansson (Elita), Laurence Fisgburne (Alpha Trion), Brian Tyree Henry (Megatron); etc

Anthony Ramos and Dominique Fishback, leading actors in "Transformers: Rise of the Beasts."

The best conflict, although brief, is the one that arises between the heroes themselves. There’s something special about watching Optimus Prime, voiced by a rueful Peter Cullen, put himself in a position of humility. That is the best acted sequence on the tape.

In short, “Transformers: Rise of the Beasts” is a good movie. Failed like so many blockbusters, but it offers something more than just action, be it for the fan of the franchise, for the one who wants redemption for a saga with so many creative missteps, the new viewer or the Peruvian who needs to see their people and culture in the big screen. His heart is in the right place and he doesn’t lose focus. Finally, it includes a reference that certain nostalgics and enthusiasts have requested for years.



Source: Elcomercio

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