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Wejdene, Bilal, Michou, Lola Dubini… The TikTok generation waltzes with its communities


Between them, they represent 1.6 million subscribers on Twitter, 6.4 million on Instagram, more than 10 million on YouTube and even more on TikTok. Michou, Bilal Hassani, Wejdene and Lola Dubini are in the cast of the eleventh season of Dance with the stars, launched last Friday on TF1.

If the show has already appealed to figures from social networks in the past – EnjoyPhoenix in season 6, Caroline Receveur in season 7 -, this is the first time that it relies on such a large contingent of personalities who have mainly built and established their notoriety on these platforms. All four, each and each in their own way, are aimed at a young audience preferring to watch vlogs (contraction of “video” and “blog”) and stories rather than classic TV shows. By inviting them to follow the steps of samba or fox-trot on the floor, the first channel hopes to see them bring in their wake the generation Z, that is to say the 11-24 years old, not very passionate about the little one. screen. The figures for the season premiere are encouraging with an audience share of 46% for 4-14 year olds and 47% for 15-24 year olds, the program’s best score on these targets since, respectively, 2016 and 2014.

“If we can find Friday evenings shared with family, it’s too cool. People like Michou, Bilal, Wejdene or me can create a bridge between the generations, says Lola Dubini, 27. We often hear about the fact that parents do not know what children are watching on the Internet or do not know too much about teenagers’ interests, this show is a good way to unite, to allow parents to take an interest in Michou. “

“Representing a community, that puts pressure”

They will realize that apart from the pseudonym, the 19-year-old videographer with 6.5 million subscribers on YouTube has nothing to do with the night owl who dressed in blue to decorate the Montmartre nights. “Representing a community, it puts pressure, explains the Northerner who has 3 million followers on Instagram and 5.2 million on TikTok. We want to go far, to make them proud. I have no doubt that they will follow us in the adventure. I have already had a lot of feedback, they are very interested, want to know how the training is going, who I dance with, etc. They are into it! “

Bilal Hassani, who his participation in Eurovision in 2019 made known to a wider audience, also hopes to see his community of fans mobilize. His YouTube channel has over a million subscriptions and his TikTok account even more. “I think our audiences are already very engaged. Mentally, it helps a lot to feel strong support. After that, it will not go to our heads too much either because having a huge community is not everything ”, nuance the singer who has just celebrated his 22 years.

He assumes that “evolution in dance” is one of the main criteria on which viewers rely to motivate their votes. “In truth, I have an audience that does not leave me alone! If they find that something is not very good, that the marks awarded are not great, they will say to me “Well, it was not phew, you are managing now [pour les votes]””, He predicts, laughing. For now, he doesn’t have too much to worry about. At the premiere, last Friday, he and his dance partner Jordan Mouillerac won the four buzzs from the synonymous jury automatic qualification for the rest of the adventure.

“It’s just followers you see, it sucks”,

Wejdene, she had to go through the final face-to-face before being drafted by the jurors. The show was recorded, as will be Friday’s with the seven other candidates who have not yet set foot on the track – including Michou and Lola Dubini. Live will return for the third bonus of the season. The viewers will then have their say (or rather, their premium-rate SMS to send). “Imagine, you are there, you make a bonus and no one votes. But where is your fanbase, in fact? It’s just followers you know, it sucks, ”Wejdene wonders, swinging between joke and worry. She recognizes that the support of her fan community is “an advantage”. “I have an audience that is super on the lookout, I think they’re going to vote. Whatever I do, people will repost me [partager ses contenus sur les réseaux sociaux], etc. We’re all going to be the best of ourselves so I don’t think they’ll have a negative thing to say, ”supposes the 17-year-old artist.

The super-connected quartet, however, must be careful of what they post on the networks and cannot do anything behind the scenes. If TF1 “is super open”, dixit Michou, as to what they post, they must be careful not to reveal too much. “We just need to keep surprises, not to say who our partner is or what our dances will be. But we can share our feelings, ”explains the videographer. He who likes “too much to share everything” finds it “super frustrating” to have to restrict himself.

“It also allows me to see my networks differently”

Lola Dubini agrees: “We are going through very intense things now but we will only be able to talk about it in a few weeks,” she declared at the beginning of September. We will certainly not have lost the intensity but it’s frustrating because I like to share my emotions too hot. This is another logic. We learn it and it also allows me to see my networks differently. “

“We know a little that with videos, notes Michou. When we do crazy things for YouTube, on Instagram, we also do not reveal everything so that people are surprised. “Preparing for a cha cha cha on TF1 or designing content for their virtual platforms does not seem to them in the end that much different. “The job we do, where we come from, is to spread positive vibes, to be positive representations for people of our age and younger. We will be happy if it brings a kind of breath and energy to the program, slips Lola Dubini. The idea is to have fun, to show ourselves as we are, not to cheat. So, in real life, you go and watch a vlog! “


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