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Maricielo Effio tells everything about her surgery: “Thank God I didn’t end up in a drawer”

Maricielo Effio tells everything about her surgery: “Thank God I didn’t end up in a drawer”

Maricielo Effio tells everything about her surgery: “Thank God I didn’t end up in a drawer”

In Miami, thousands of kilometers away from the land where she was born and from her loved ones, Maricielo Effio it reinvents itself and strengthens itself in the face of difficulties. “In my life, there is a before and after my arrival here“, tells us. And in the midst of this process of change and adaptation, he denounces a medical intervention that, he assures, has caused him physical and emotional damage.

In February 2022, Effio Balladares underwent surgery with plastic surgeon Víctor Barriga Fong. She underwent a mini tummy tuck to improve the appearance of her lower abdomen since, according to her, after becoming a mother, it was difficult for her to lose localized fat only with exercises. But the result of the operation was not as expected.

It was the first time that I had something aesthetic on my body. I took advantage of the fact that I had about four months off to also complete the postoperative period: the therapies, the massages and the hyperbaric chamber. As a first-timer -obviously- I was very responsible and careful with the whole issue because I knew that it is totally vital to look good. But by the second or third month, my abdomen began to change. That’s when I ask the doctor what’s going on. He replies that it seems that my body presents fibrosis”, he points out.

Almost five months later, not showing improvements with carboxytherapy treatments, lymphatic drainage and ultrasound, Effio underwent a new intervention. This time to Vaser surgery.

He (the doctor) told me that with this operation the recovery would be faster and more effective, that it would take me two or three weeks at most to recover. But, time passed and nothing. There was no improvement. I lamented, I cried a lot. However, she continued to trust believing that it would get better soon. I bandaged again, to drain… It was June, and I was supposed to come to the United States on August 28. I already had the tickets bought”, he comments.

─Dr. Fong assures that you did not comply with the care of the postoperative stage and that if you had done so, you could have avoided fibrosis.

Here are two issues. The first is that he never told me that my body could cause fibrosis. And ignoring information regarding a surgery is punishable, it is a violation of professional ethics and the trade you have. The second and most important is that I am not talking about malpractice because I have fibrosis. What I have is a bag of skin on my lower abdomen due to a bad cut and an atrophied, manipulated, deformed navel, placed towards the bottom.

─The doctor denied having manipulated your belly button.

What can you expect from someone who commits medical negligence: he is going to wash his hands like Pontius Pilate, lie and insult. In the United States I went to three surgeons and they all concluded that I had a bad operation. They gave me a bad cut.

─He also showed your medical history that shows several absences to massage and drainage sessions.

Those documents were created with Excel by him and his team. It is not reliable proof, it does not have my signature. Anyone can paint a space red. It is a false test, I complied with all the sessions because I am a mature woman and responsible for my body. I would never do anything to harm myself. I will use the images from the cameras of the Municipality of La Victoria and those of the Santa Catalina Clinic as evidence for my criminal lawsuit, to certify that I always went to my therapies. I also have photographs of the egregious navel that he left me.

“Are you going to sue Dr. Fong?”

I will do it because I have no other way. I blindly trusted him. I put my body, my soul and my life in his hands. Thank God I didn’t end up in a drawer. He must have been responsible with something so delicate, and hidalgo to accept that he made mistakes, that he did not inform me that he could have fibrosis and that the operation did not go as expected. He also had to bear the cost of the damage he caused me. He left me abandoned with the subject and on top of that he slanders me through social networks. He is not only a bad doctor, but also a bad person.

─Is it true that he made you a deposit of money so that you can continue with your postoperative period in Miami?

He sent me 3,500 dollars for the massage sessions already In exchange for the money, he asked me to sign a document committing myself not to say anything in the future about this malpractice, to accept that it was all the product of my body. They tried to coerce me, cover my mouth.

“He left me abandoned with the subject and on top of that he slanders me through social networks. He is not only a bad doctor, but also a bad person.”

Maricielo Effio

Did you sign the document?

Thank God I didn’t sign it. They also promised to pay me for a new operation if the massages didn’t work, to get this over with, because who wants to look like that.

Are you going to have surgery again?

Since the massage sessions didn’t work, there’s nothing else to do. about a week ago, I sent a message to Dr. Fong telling him that Dr. Fabio Castro, in Miami, was going to intervene to solve my problem. I thought he would bear the cost because he promised to, but instead he blocked me. Later, through a statement sent by his lawyer, he told me that he would not do it.

─How much does the operation cost?

A brazilian tummy tuck, which is the operation I need, costs between 10 and 15 thousand dollars, but Dr. Fabio will charge me 12,500 dollars.

─Did this harsh experience change your life?

Very much. Something like this not only lowers your self-esteem and depresses you, you also lose jobs. Now I am convinced that when there is something that has to change and it does not change, the one that has to change is you. So I took the courage to report what happened to me. I come from a constituted family, I am a woman of integrity, I have a clean career, without scandals, of more than 30 years. And everything I have I earned it by hand. This is a matter of health, physical and emotional integrity that should not be violated or run over by anyone. I regret having surgery. I wish I hadn’t, but at that moment he caught me vulnerable, with low batteries. We were coming out of a pandemic, I wanted a change, I felt alone.

─Who do you live with in Miami?

With my daughter. My daughter’s father has lived here for a long time. When I arrived I needed to have all the strength in the world to be able to adapt to the American system, to the climate, to the language, to the working hours, to process that you are alone. You don’t know how much it cost me, it was a very painful stage. This is the country of opportunities, but you have to pay a very big bill.

─What do you work in Miami?

I am the hostess of a restaurant, but before that I did many things, like all migrants who have just arrived. And now that I have my papers in order, I’m putting together my acting reel with the contacts I have here so I can start doing advertising and acting. Here I am not the actress Maricielo, here I am one more. I had to give up my career, but I will never give up on my dreams.

─ What dreams do you have?

Get ahead with my daughter in this country and that justice be done with my body. Achieve the result that was promised to me.

Source: Elcomercio

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