“Coveted Bachelorette 2”: creator captures in the film a hard personal episode, complications in filming and more

Single coveted”, the romantic comedy that brought more than half a million viewers to movie theaters in 2018, returns five years later with a new installment much more emotional and personal than its predecessor. María José Osorio, screenwriter, reflects at this stage of the story a great pain for the loss of a loved one. He also exposes the maturity that his characters reached after facing a pandemic and its aftermath.

The film directed by Joanna Lombardi (this time without Bruno Ascenzo) and starring Gisela Ponce de León (María Fe) will be released this July 6 in national cinemas.

After the success of her first novel, María Fe, the blogger-turned-writer, returns to Trujillo to live with her parents due to the pandemic. This situation delays the release of her second book and confronts her with an existential crisis.

My character feels that everyone around her has met their goals and that she is stuck. However, her life puts things in her way that force her to take the next step. And she only has two options: victimize herself or keep moving forward. So, she decides to move onr”, details Ponce de León Franco.

To give life to the current María Fe, more reflective and mature, the actress drew on her experiences in the pandemic. “For better or worse, I am a person who is very in touch with his emotions. So, it is not so difficult for me to enter those complicated emotional places.”, he points out.

The dramas that the characters live in this second installment question you about adulthood. They are a little more personal, deep and existential”, highlights Jely Reátegui, an actress who plays Carolina, who together with Karina Jordán (Natalia) is one of the best friends of the central character of the plot.

New faces also appear, such as Salvador del Solar, Norma Martínez, Jason Day and Ana María Orozco, a Colombian actress known for her role in the telenovela “I am Betty, the ugly one”.

It has been a luxury to have Salvador de papá in fiction. I remember a lot the first reading we had, it was super exciting. We all felt like we were a family. And Norma, who plays my mom, was my first mom I had in fiction, in ‘This Society’”, recalls Ponce de León.

Reátegui Chang anticipates that his character at this stage is more realistic. He starts a business and has less ethereal personal goals than in the first installment. “As he has established himself emotionally, he has projects that surprise and scare him. She is laid back, but at the same time she wants to face something interesting in her life. She continues to experience everything and maintains the essence of her, but she has stepped on a bit of land, ”she points out.

Karina Jordán recognizes that a second installment always generates more pressure, however she is confident that this will take more people to the movies than the previous one because it is a proposal that seeks to delve into the most intimate of the human being.

Honestly, I like this movie a lot better. It invites you to connect with face-to-face, with your family, to go have a coffee with your friends. How important it is to ritualize, that there are spaces where people can say what they feel and think”, he highlights.

tricky shooting

Unlike the first installment that was recorded only in Lima, “Soltera Codiciada 2” was also shot in Arequipa. And recording in the White City, in December 2022, became a challenge for the entire team. Jordan remembers that during andThe filming involved challenging experiences in that city.

It was really the war recording in such a difficult context. The truck carrying the lights, the equipment, was stranded. It was during the failed coup of Pedro Castillo. The protesters blocked the roads, the airport was closed. People got sick. But the filming did not stop because the missing equipment was rented. Recordings could not be delayed because Christopher Uckerman (Santiago) I came from Mexico just for a few days to record in Lima. And their recording dates could not be moved. One day after we arrived in Lima they closed the Jorge Chávez”, emphasizes the actress.

“Coveted Bachelorette 2” will hit theaters on July 6. The first installment can currently be seen streaming on Netflix.

Source: Elcomercio